2022 Explorations! Education at Liberty Arts.

We have opened our door to in-house Explorations again!

Response has been exciting from schools asking to bring their classes to the gallery. Since January we have hosted over 240 visiting students.

We have varied and fun exhibits sure to delight your participants in the coming months.

Our 90 minute programs are tailored to make the most out of their visits to the gallery; beginning with an introduction to the current show, a docent tour, and, most fun of all, a hands-on art project reflecting techniques, materials and/or media used by the artists. Available visit-days are Mondays and Tuesdays, morning or afternoon session.

Please email Liberty Arts, libertyartsgallery@gmail.com with the subject Explorations. Include your preferred time, date, number of participants to reserve a class time. We will get back to you.

Our Explorations Outreach classes are free to participants, thanks to generous grant funding, from …

Explorations in March 2020 POSOLE

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of the wonderful Teachers and Group Leaders for bringing so many talented individuals to participate in our Natural Wonders exhibition and Makerspace in January. It was a roaring success! Visitors were amazed at the work from our county schools and organizations.

Why rest on our laurels? Let’s keep the creativity ball rolling with more Explorations excitement in March.

Up next, our eagerly anticipated annual Members’ soup-titled Show.

This year Posole, a treat from our south of the border neighbor, Mexico, includes lots of tasty ingredients as are to be found in this new show.

Shery Zand Weaver, Innocence, pencil

Our hands-on project will be a dedicated approach to self- portraiture, using media such as pencil, graphite, conte’ or charcoal techniques to capture that “personal essence”…  rather than cell phones!

See you soon, Kim, Bee, Debbie, and Becky. Your Explorations team.

Natural Wonders January 2020

Liberty Arts was transformed into an EXPLORATIONS MAKERSPACE!

Liberty Arts gallery kicked off the New Year with a special focus on the creativity of children. The gallery was transformed into a Makerspace to facilitate the creation of projects January 13-24, with extended sessions to allow time for more developed pieces. The creations were led by ur Explorations team and local artists.

Natural Wonders featured both collaborative and individual works by artists aged 6 to 18 and clients of Siskiyou Opportunity Center and residents of Granada Gardens, in a special 2-week exhibition opening January 31 through February 14, 2020.

Northern Lights, lead artist, Maureen Williams

First grade students from Ms. Copeland’s class using alcohol inks to create tiles for the Northern Lights collaborative art piece to be included in the Natural Wonders exhibition.

They applied alcohol inks to the tiles and moved the ink around by blowing to get desired effect.

The students were struck with awe and inspiration after learning how the Northern Lights occur from the beautiful mixture of solar flare and our Earths’ oxygen and nitrogen.

The wavy lines seen in the sky represent the flowing magnetic shield that the Earth is constantly emitting.

Paper Quilts, lead artist Becky Dill

Ms. Janowski’s fifth grade class work on a collaborative piece which will be a Paper Quilt featuring elements from nature.

Fort Jones Elementary School students from Lisa Dean’s K-1st grade class and J. Everett Barr School students were challenged to think about their dreams for the future and Reach for the Stars.

Reach for the Stars, lead artist, Becky Dill
Amphibian Cross, lead artist, Kim Presley

Students from Kate Mitrovich’s 5th grade class from Jackson Street School were challenged to create a cross between an amphibian and concept of their choice.

Students learned anatomy while forming their animals and used engineering to build an armature using wire and small wooden dowels.

This special Explorations Makerspace was made possible by generous grants from …

California Arts Council, Pacific Power

Inspired by the Paintings of Marlis Jermutus featured in the current show Form and Space.

The hands-on project will adopt Marlis’ “brushless” technique.

Using acrylic medium (in analogous colors), spray bottles of water, additives, and gel, classes will explore the fluidity of acrylic medium on canvases that will be maneuvered/tilted throughout, to create a “molten” effect via gravity.

Marlis Jermutus, Nebular

This is a somewhat “messy” procedure, so participants are advised not to wear their “best” clothing. We have ‘work-T-shirts’ available, but paint does tend to “travel” during the creative process!

Explorations is made possible through the generous support of:

Welcome to the jewel of the Caribbean!

We presented an exciting photography show to share with the students as seen through the lenses of a dozen photographers.

The students were able to experience the people, places and American cars that tell the story of this unique country.

Students had an to opportunity to recognize and explore narrative photography with a hands-on project using Instax instant cameras. They used a variety of objects to create their own stories and relate them in haiku.

Our Liberty Arts Explorations education team look forward to hosting your schools andorganizations with new classes for our upcoming exhibitions
for the 2019/2020 academic term.

We have varied and fun exhibits sure to delight your participants in the coming months.

Our 90 minute programs are tailored to make the most out of their visits to the gallery;beginning with an introduction to the current show, a docent tour, and, most fun of all,a hands-on art project reflecting techniques, materials and/or media used by the artists.

Our Explorations Outreach classes are free to participants,
thanks to generous grant funding, from …

Arts in The Community Fund

Welcome to the jewel of the Caribbean!

We have an exciting photography show to share with your students as seen throughthe lenses of a dozen photographers.

Experience the people, places and Americancars that tell the story of this unique country.
Students will  recognize and explore
narrative photography with a hands-on
project using Instax instant cameras
and a variety of objects to create their
own stories.


Cowboy Up! opens a new academic year for our Explorations art sessions at Liberty Arts. This is a juried show, featuring exhibits in a variety of media celebrating the culture and evolution of the Working Cowboy of the American West through painting, photography and sculpture.

Our hands-on project was inspired by saddles and boots featured in cowboy culture, and offered an opportunity to create leather bookmarks using stamping techniques.


Ned Axthelm  Carol Jenkins  ~  Shawn Vales  Ellen Zucker


Explorations Art Outreach classes at Liberty Arts present paintings created by students from Ft. Jones, Jackson Street, Montague ands J Everett Barr Schools.

Students were inspired by the abstract work of artist Carol Jenkins from Mt. Shasta.

Carol Jenkins

Notice the use of color, the shapes, and the movement of the brush strokes
that were used in these original compositions.

Siskiyou Library Exhibition

This exhibit has been made possible through a generous grant from



Bernie Lubell makes interactive installations that focus on
the intersection of science and the arts.

As visitors work together to animate the mechanisms, they create a theater for themselves and each other. By encouraging participation and touch, the pieces coax visitors to engage their bodies as well as their minds. The way that pieces move and feel and sound as you rock them, pedal, crank and press against them applies the kinesthetic comprehension’s of childhood to the tasks of philosophy.

Featuring interactive and kinesthetic (moving) works that will thrill and fascinate participants of all ages.

Art they can touch, art they can manipulate, maybe even sit on!

Long-time San Francisco artist. Bernie Lubell’s art installations combine theatre, science, interaction, humor and cooperative gaming, using a low-tech, predominately wood aesthetic. The pieces coax viewers to engage their bodies as well as their minds and eyes.

Explorations sessions during this exhibit will not have a hands-on art project, as the viewers will need time to interact with the work.


Liberty Arts is excited to welcome classes to view our
10th Annual Members’ Show

And like any good soup, the walls reflect a fine combination of spice and unique flavors!

Belinda Hanson, Burning Bush; Suzanne Mamedalin, Blue Water

Classes will be introduced to the Japanese art of Sumi Painting, using bamboo as a subject. After the gallery tour, classes will walk 2 shops up Miner Street to 202 W. Miner where we will have tables and chairs ready for our hands-on project.

Please reply to libertyartsgallery@gmail.com
with reservation requests, using EXPLORATIONS in the subject line.


A New Year of Explorations! at Liberty Arts.

2019 Greetings to all Teachers, Group Leaders and participants.

To launch a brand-new calendar year at Liberty Arts, we have an intriguing show,

featuring work solely by members of the Siskiyou Artists’ Association.

This association has been active for over 60 years, and still boasts a thriving membership consisting of artists from within our county.

In this exhibition we will explore the worlds of our dreams considering the questions …
“Wherein lie our Hopes? Is it in our Dreams?
When do we deflect our Nightmares into expressions of Beauty?”
Artists have illustrated the ethereal quality of sleeping Dreams, as well as more waking, active dreams and subjects of Hope.

We invite your classes and groups to book one of our 90 minute sessions, to participate in a tour of the gallery, a discussion of the mediums and techniques used, and a hands-on art project involving a new method of using acrylic medium.

Please email us at libertyartsgallery@gmail.com to make a reservation, with the subject Explorations.


Seasons’ Greetings Educators and Group Leaders, and welcome to the final Exhibit of 2018 at Liberty Arts, Yreka. A show we, and many local artists, have been looking forward to all year:

Relative Pairings

An Explorations of Artful Relationships

Featuring works by members within their own family. We have grandmothers, exhibiting with grandchildren; in-laws with married offspring; parents with children; siblings…you get the picture! Many mediums are represented, a valuable experience.

Our “hands-on ” project is to create pieces with participants working in pairs, to create works using oil pastels in complimentary colors, constructing patterns through collage.

Educational Explorations’ 75-90 Minute Sessions are offered on Mondays and Tuesdays, mornings or afternoons, and consist of: a docent tour and explanation of the current exhibit, individual viewing time, questions, and a “hands-on project” relevant to the art on display. To reserve a class for your students or group, please email us at libertyartsgallery@gmail.com with the subject Explorations, and your preferred day, date, time, organization/school +grade and expected number of participants.

           Thanks to memberships, donors, and grants (such as those listed above)
all these classes are free to attendees.


Liberty Arts welcomes guest artist, Kendall Johnson, to share his Vietnam series of paintings and writings with Siskiyou County.

Also featured in this exhibition are works by Dennis Smith, creator of sculptures at the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden in Weed.

Johnson’s evocative paintings, inspired by his journal writings, offer mature audiences a look into a complex world.

Focusing on the processes of Kendal Johnson, students will be guided through creating memory paintings.

Step 1: After group brainstorming of “childhood memories”, recalling pets, sports, holidays, etc. students will use markers to doodle quick images on board.

Step 2 involves paintings melted wax over the piece, dimming the mages bellow

Finally, students will use tools to scrape away the wax from images of recent memories, creating a chronology through visual layers.

This exhibition is recommended for students 5th – 12th grades.

Exploration reservation can be made for mornings and afternoons.

November 5, 6, 12 and 13th.

Email replies are best, or you may call 842-0222 Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 – 5:00.

Funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency,
Pacific Power Foundation and
Shasta Regional Community Foundations


Arts in The Community Fund


Coming Home – Renewing the World
September, October 2018

After receiving the amazing work for our current exhibition, Coming Home – Renewing the World, we have revised our hands-on project to appreciate the beauty, patterns, geometry and palette of the basketry of Lena Hurd and Denise McKenzie and the paintings of Lyn Risling and Brian D. Tripp.

Students will be matting their colored pencil illustrations to take back to class. For more information, please call 842-0222

Explorations Outreach engaging students to understand
and use symbols seen in native Artists’ work.

Funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency,
Pacific Power Foundation and The McConnell Foundation

Explorations Spring/Summer Sessions at Liberty Arts

Breakfast Group ~ July 2018

Liberty Arts hosted seventeen current members of The Breakfast Group
featuring painting, sculpture, photography, and the digital realm between.

Edythe Bresnahan, Bruce Chaban, Donna Fenstermaker, John Friedman,
Lin Fischer, Nancy Genn, Carol Ladewig, Katie Hawkinson, Barbara Hazard,
Stan Huncilman, Phillip Meier, Loren Rehbock, Robert Simons,
Joseph Slusky, Kim Thoman, Sandy Walker, Jan Wurm

The Charlie Byrd / Everett Barr Court School participated in Explorations in July and became acquainted with the Breakfast Group exhibition which featured 17 artists from the Bay Area who regularly meet together to discuss art, their work and their lives.

The students were introduced to the gallery and the content of the exhibit (consisting of paintings, sculpture and photography). They were asked to notice the difference between figurative and abstract works; and then voice their ideas on what they “saw” in, or felt from, several abstract pieces, thus re-enforcing the premise that each viewer’s responses to an abstract will be different; therefore, the artist has succeeded … the viewer decides for themselves.


Women’s Work ~ June 2018

Explorations Spring/Summer Sessions at Liberty Arts

Liberty Arts was pleased to expand our Explorations program to include this Upward Bound group during the Women’s Work exhibition. They used Gini Holmes china painting as inspiration for their plates.

Upward Bound at Liberty Arts

For the last exhibit of the Academic year, Liberty Arts presents Women’s Work, a juried show curated by the gallery’s own Sharon LoMonaco; chock full of lively pieces and thought-provoking concepts!

Shery Larson, Woman Welder, Photograph

From the precision, muscle, tools and physicality needed to wield and weld on the railroad tracks to the to the many implements, and skills honed, and required, to keep a household running smoothly …

Emily Rankin, Harriet, Multi media and collected objects

Participants will be encouraged to select “work” not usually associated with their gender, and decorate a hanging plate (so popular amongst Victorian ladies!) that illustrates the comment, “I’d like to be able to do that!”.

As usual, classes will be available Mondays and Tuesdays, mornings or afternoon sessions.

Email us under the subject Explorations at libertyartsgallery@gmail.com to reserve a visit.

Women’s Work continues at Liberty Arts through June 22nd.


Oddly Regional ~ April 2018

Our current exhibition Oddly Regional, is a varied array of artistic styles, from 6 Siskiyou County artists: Belinda Hanson, Eloise Larson, Mark Oliver, Kim Presley, Cathy Valentine, and William Wareham.

Styles and genres range from acrylic to encaustic; fabric to fantasy; cardboard to controversy; illustrative to installations showcasing the rich spread of styles and techniques found in this small cluster of
our local talent, who we like to think of as Oddly Regional.

Eloise Larson has accented several of her stunning paintings with gold, and the Explorations team is devising a project for session-participants to create abstract pieces using a simple but effective gold leaf-like technique guaranteed to catch the viewer’s eye.

This exhibit ends May 11th. Classes offered from April 16th– May 8th Mon & Tues.


Minestrone ~ March 2018

Our Annual soup-themed Members’ Show, Minestrone, offered an abundance of tasty artistic ingredients to intrigue our Explorations visitors! The team chose one exhibited piece (from over 60!) to inspire this session’s hands-on project. Based on Mary Carpelan’s woven wire and fabric octopus, Otto, the project involved both free-form and board -based weaving.

Participants included our local school students, the Everett Barr Court School and seniors from Grenda Gardens Assisted Living.

We were fortunate to have Mary attend two of our classes, and students were delighted to hear her explain the basics of both traditional native weaving compared to her use of unusual materials for her free-style artistic pieces.


One Family Inspired ~ January 2018

Liberty Arts wishes all our new and returning participants a very bountiful, and art-filled 2018! We would like to invite local schools and groups to One Family Inspired, opening on January 12th 2018, and running through February 16th 2018. Explorations’ 90 minute sessions are offered Mondays and Tuesdays at Liberty Arts gallery in Yreka. This is an exhibit featuring 3 artist-members of one family, Dolores Mitchell, James Osgood and Anne Mitchell, each specializing in a different genre: Painting, Sculpture and Photography, thus promising to be a visual and textural treat!

Dolores Mitchell’s oil painting, San Francisco, Three Goddesses;
James Osgood’s minimalist sculpture, Dad.

Our “Hands On” project, will offer students of all ages an opportunity to again take an actual, instant photograph with the Fuji cameras purchased for our Explorations program in 2016, thanks to a generous Shasta Regional Community Foundation and McConnell Foundation grant.

Ann Mitchell’s, The Choice, photography with digital imaging and manipulation;
right, an example of the class project in progress.

In keeping with the somewhat Surrealistic work of Anne Mitchell, the aim will be to create a background (from magazine cut-outs) and by adding the participant’s self-created photo image, produce a fleeting whisper of personal, possibly dreamlike, narrative.

Explorations classes include a short talk on the aim, genre, medium, and materials used by the artist; a docent tour; and a hands-on project pertinent to the process of the shown artwork. Mornings ( 90 minutes) are offered at or after 9.30 am. Afternoons (90 mins.) after 12.30 pm at Liberty Arts gallery, 108 W. Miner St. Yreka CA 96097. All Explorations! are free of charge. To reserve a session, email our Explorations team with the subject Explorations, stating preferred date, time and expected number of students/participants to libertyartsgallery@gmail.com


Cheeky Precision ~ December 2017

Mrs. Prosvernin’s Opportunity Class devised their own “Cabinets of Curiosity” using vintage “repurposed” boxes, and an assortment of “trinkets and treasures”. Each child certainly had a narrative to go along with their selection and arrangement of objects.
Kim Heilmann’s 5th grade class (Jackson St.) used aluminum wire to create a simple figure-armature, (inspired by Candace Miller’s papier-mache’ “tableau”) upon which they bound masking tape and accented with colored markers mimicking the painting style of Bay Area artist Dave Park.


The Unseen Seen ~ November 2017

Jackson St. School 5th gradeThe Unseen Seen is an exhibition, which was proposed by the late Daryl Brooks to explore how different artists approach Abstraction – the reduction of an object to its core components both in two and three dimensions. Local artists David Gochenour, William Wareham and Jon Rife agreed to join him in this challenge.

Explorations participants will further their experiences with abstraction, creating a bold and free overlay, as above, yet offering tantalizing glimpses of hidden ideas just beneath the surface!

Classes available Mondays and Tuesdays.  Morning (after 9.30) or Afternoon session (after 12.30 pm) for a 90 min. talk/discussion, docent tour, and hands-on art project.

Jackson St. School 5th grade class

On metallic paper backgroundthe students first sketched figurative images, then either applied repurposed cardboard and paper ( inspired by William Wareham’s 2 pieces using same) or were encouraged to use a “Jackson Pollack” approach (seen in Daryl Brooks’ works) by streaking/dripping liquid material to partially obscure their original motifs; thus following the exhibit’s concept of “The Unseen Seen”.


Bountiful Harvest ~ September 2017

Betty LaDuke, Oregon Peach Harvest 1

September 15th– Oct. 20th opens the aptly-named show Bountiful Harvest, featuring the works of renowned Ashland Oregon-based artist Betty LaDuke, whose images of agricultural workers lend themselves as an introduction to life-drawing! Your artists will be able to create gesture drawings from a posed live model, and later refine it, after adjusting proportions etc.

Ms. LaDuke is a world traveler committed to honoring the labors of those who provide our “Bountiful Harvest”.


Liberty Arts Gallery is excited about the lively new exhibits we can share
with our county schools this year.

To reserve a Monday or Tuesday session, (approx. 10am or 1pm)
please email us at libertyartsgallery@gmail.com

We book on a first-come-first -served basis,
and will do our best to accommodate your schedules.

“Walk-Throughs”, (tour and explanation/discussion of the current works)
for those with very limited time, may  be hosted on other days… by special   arrangement.

Please email Liberty Arts, libertyartsgallery@gmail.com with preferred time, date, number of participants,
with the subject “Explorations” to reserve a slot. We will get back to you.

Funded in part by Pacific Power Foundation


Silk & Wood ~ 2017

Local elementary school classes experienced a new hands-on method of print-production during the Silk & Wood exhibit this Spring.

After observing, and feeling the woodblock and etching Silk & Wood Explorations plates used to create county artist Melinda Plank’s beautiful prints inspired mostly by local environs, livestock and wildlife, they were shown the contrasting technique and  highly-colored style of fellow artist Phil Dynan’s seriegraphs.

Silkscreen, metal etching and woodblock-cutting being impossible to replicate in the gallery setting, they “engraved” simple designs into foamboard sheets. Using brayers, they rolled printing ink onto glass plates, then back onto their “stencils”, finally pulling 2 “numbered” prints.  They chose their best, for final matting, and were impressed with their results…as were we!

Silk & Wood Explorations

Our next Explorations project will be exploring the possibilities of creating light, form and texture, using acrylic paint, during Places to Go, People to Meet, an exhibit by two abstract painters, opening May 19th.

Goulash ~ 2017

The eagerly-awaited annual Members’ show, Goulash (following our traditional multi-ingredient soup theme) features a multitude of entries!
This was a great opportunity to explain to school classes about the different genres of art, the mediums and varying materials used in them; and for students to visually identify and compare them.

Our project was inspired by a pastel piece in the exhibit. Three “Still Life” compositions were set up; students used oil pastels, outlined in black, on colored paper bordered by white mat frames and thus achieved these very masterful results!


Alternate Paths ~ January 2017

County students were treated to an exceptionally unique pairing of 2 seasoned artists, in the exhibit “Alternate Paths” featuring the sculptural works of Al Honig and Mike McCollum, eachAlternate Paths Explorations  specializing in vastly different materials and subject matter. Many of Al Honig’s whimsical works, (all fashioned  mostly from reclaimed metal materials) sported moving and sometimes audible parts. Naturally, students were fascinated, and thrilled to be able to “interact” with the pieces.

  Mike McCollum’s exquisite craftsmanship, displayed in cabinetry, cubes, pyramids and towers delighted them. With their amalgam of exotic woods and epoxy resin, sometimes transparent to show the finely-drawn images beneath, sometimes vibrantly colored and abstract, the classes were eager to repliAlternate Paths Explorationscate these same shapes from cardstock templates. After drawing with fine-line pens, they then melted colorful wax-crayons via griddles…(always a favorite technique! ) over all, cut out the patterns, and constructed their own cubes and pyramids.
Several teachers were also delighted that this corresponded to their class’ present school math work involving geometrical shapes and volume!

Liberty Arts made slideshows of the students’ work to send to the artists, who were both excited, touched, and very impressed. Just look at these imaginative pieces, and you’ll see why.

Alternate Paths Explorations


Instant Love ~ November 2016

Local students explore Instant photography at Liberty Arts

Inspired by curator Maureen Williams’ passion for photographic collage, Liberty Arts’ current exhibit Instant Love, (featuring the combination of instant photographs incorporated into collage
designs) provides local schoolchildren the opportunity to be “exposed” to a fast-vanishing method of capturing a unique moment…permanently!

Thanks to a generous grant from Shasta Regional Community Foundation, and the McConnell Foundation, our Education Explorations outreach program was able to purchase Fuji instant cameras, for children to experience the thrill of seeing a photo magically (and chemically!) appear.

We were so fortunate to have Ms. Williams present at several classes. She explained how her friendship with the other 3 artists, from Kansas, Italy and Russia, came into being, how many of the 99 pieces on display were collaborative works, often resulting in unexpected juxtapositions of subject-matter!

Each student took a picture, modified it by peeling, cutting, scratching, even adding random words, textures or color- and delighting in the results. For many, this was a “very cool”, decidedly “hands-on”, experience.


Full Steam Ahead! ~ Sept./Oct. 2016

Andy Daley, To the Bend with Porky

Students enjoyed Andy Daley’s piece “to the Bend with Porky”
Inspired by the super-successful Steam Punk themed exhibit and ‘fashion-as-art’  show “Full Steam Ahead”, the Explorations program offered Yreka elementary students the chance to indulge their own “Flights of Fancy”.
Mrs. Prosvernin’s Evergreee-dscn0337en School class created bronze-painted picture frames decorated with steam-punk elements, to showcase their artwork. Mrs.Copeland’s firstgraders designed and constructed these refrigerator magnets with collaged, era-relevant images, enhanced with beads,cogs, and metal “junk”. Students were fascinated by the interactive exhibits, gorgeous fanciful fashions, and the “one-of -a-kind ” anachronistic pieces hearkening back to the early Victorian advent of steam-power.


Venice Beach ~ September  2016

Liberty Arts kicks off the new school year with abstract explorations. vb-boys-chainsaw Junior-high art students from Jackson Street School in Yreka were
introduced to the work of Laddie John Dill and Charles Arnoldi through video and projected images before visiting the exhibition Venice Beach.  As teacher Monique Birch explained, the students are working on self-creation with the prompt “That was then and this is now”.

The students were ready for discussion as they entered the Liberty Arts gallery and interacted with the paintings and wall sculptures that had come to Yreka. An art project spinning off from the chainsaw painting of Arnoldi will be happening soon.

Classes are now registering for Explorations opportunities to bring students to the gallery to experience the eclectic genre of steampunk art found in the Full Steam Ahead! exhibition, in the gallery until October 14th.

Those interested in bvb-bee-class-2ringing classes or groups to the gallery may call 530-842-0222 to schedule times. Exploration sessions are free of charge to students because of the generous support of California Arts Council, Kiwanis Club of Yreka, and the generous gifts of our members.

Teachers, contact Liberty Arts now to reserve a time for your class!     LibertyArtsYreka@gmail.com



impressions ~ May 2016


Students from our local schools will visit the “Impressions” exhibition and learn about a varietyEE IMG_5555 web of printing techniques. After time for independent viewing, the students will be invited to create their own mono-prints.

Thanks to a generous grant from Shasta Regional Community Foundation, each student will have their own Gelli plate and brayer with which to create their own unique print.

Mono-prints are one-of-a-kind prints- due to the nature of the plate.

1 kids workingIMPRESSIONS is an exhibition of discovery as students are introduced to different printing techniques.

Our hands-on art projects takes students through the process of creating their own unique monoprints.

Allow at least 75 minutes per class.

Available dates: Tuesday, May 31, Friday, June 3 & Monday June 6.

For reservations email libertyartsgallery@gmail.com


The Muse ~ April 2016

Our previous exhibit, Bouillabaisse, which was the Annual Members’ Show, provided plenty of stimulation and discussion between our Education Explorations student visitors.

EE Students follow their own path

Inspired by Pam Hanson’s woven paper piece Underlying Currents, the EE team devised a weaving project, utilizing many varied materials: string, fabric, wool, paper, ribbon, which students“wove” onto a foam board backing, thus creating vibrant and unique horizontal patterns of color and texture. As usual, there were a few whose creativity crept “outside the box” with delightful and innovative results!


Our present exhibit, The Muse, is a collaboration between Liberty Arts and the Siskiyou County Museum, wherein the artists have each taken a randomly-assigned object from the Museum and visually expressed their emotional or symbolic reaction to it.

EE students will no doubt be enthralled by the histories and art interpretation especially if enhanced by a museum visit, and will be encouraged to create their own “symbol” of family, history, values or background.

Rajiv Hotek, 111, Karuk woman photo

Rajiv Hotek, 111, inspired by photo of Karuk woman.

After exploring meanings of Karuk tribal symbols, students will be lead through the creation of individual family crest/designs. Students may use symbols of different cultures, or devise their own, to express values such as friendship, generosity, loyalty, love, etc. Each student will work on a personal scratch board, with the piece completed to take home the day of their visit.

Teachers, contact Liberty Arts now to reserve a time for your class to experience this unique blend of art and local history!



Pam Hanson, Underlying Currents

2106 Annual Members Show ~ Bouillbaisse

 February-March 2016 Education Explorations project.

One of the most long-awaited events of our exhibition-year is upon us again…the Annual Members’ Show, this year titled “Bouillabaisse“, in keeping with our multi-ingredient “soup name” tradition.

Featuring an eclectic mix of pieces in all imaginable mediums, from members of our own county, and beyond.

As usual, we have selected a certain piece of exhibited work which we can use as an example to display a definite art element, technique or material, to visiting students, and which will relate to VAPA guidelines suitable for their grade-level.

After docent tour of the gallery and a short discussion of the exhibition, students will have the opportunity to create their own piece of individual artwork. This particular project will focus on texture, fiber, color combinations/values, and weaving as art. Liberty Arts will provide all students with the supplies for their art project.

Luigi & Marlis

Bee & NinaLiberty Arts educational specialists, B. Nina Holzer and Bee Soule’ discuss the current work with the students.

 Banner 2 - DSCN0212

Bee & KidsBee demonstrates painting with breath before the students begin their creations

Dialogues II


ww dia group

Recent Exploration project from the Dialogues II exhibition encouraged students to create compositions through subtractive ripping of paper, then adding colorful melted wax.

ee dia art ee dia art2



wpnuminosityfire2The Numinosity exhibit provided an art project they will not soon forget!

Each session includes independent time in the gallery, before meeting as a group to assess the show. The second half of the session is devoted to guiding students through an art project related to the exhibition theme or processes. Projects this past school year have included pen and ink drawing, watercolor painting, “homage” to Hundertwasser, and experimentation in the Exquisite Corpse process. Curriculum is developed specifically for each show, following the guidelines set through the California State Content Standards for Visual Arts (VAPA).

Students are guided to:

  • Understand the historical and cultural contexts of works of art
  • Seek and construct meaning through encounters with art
  • Create narratives about artworks
  • Discover the significance and value of art in their lives
  • Create art back in the classroom and reflect upon what they have made.

Liberty Arts gallery has hosted over 4,000 student visits since opening in 2008.

Our grateful thanks go to the principals, teachers and parent volunteers who expend much time and effort arranging schedules, chaperones, and transportation, which make these visits possible.

Liberty Arts Hours of Operation
Liberty Arts, 108 W. Miner Street in Historic Downtown Yreka, CA 96097
OPEN ~ Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 – 5:00
Sunday, Monday & Tuesday ~ CLOSED
530 842-0222
Email: LibertyArtsGallery@gmail.com