Curator Responsibilities

What are the responsibilities of a Curator?

You’ve had a great idea for an exhibition, it’s been voted on at the Members Meeting and approved by the board. This is when your work starts … you are the curator of your exhibition!

The curator is considered to be a manager or overseer of the exhibition. Depending on the size of a particular exhibition there may be just one curator or you may have a co-curator of your choice.

What does a curator do?

The curator has the responsibility of defining the premise of the show in such a way that it can be communicated to potential artists who may wish to participate. The curator will provide the information for the Press Release and participate in the design of the advertising media.

The curator will receive a document called an Exhibition Worksheet 2 to 3 months prior to the exhibition, which will lay out the time frame for each task to be completed.

One of the main duties of a curator is to direct the acquisition of the artwork for the show. This can sometimes be very “hands on” if your show is an “Invitational exhibition” where you may have a more direct contact with the individual artists and their work. If your show is an “Open Call” your involvement will be in receiving the emailed submissions from artists and selecting those pieces which fit your vision for your exhibition. The curator should be on hand when the work is delivered and be certain that each piece is ready to hang/display according to Liberty Arts Art Entries Guidelines listed on our web site.

The curator also determines the design and layout of the exhibit as well as hanging the show. If you need assistance with hanging the show we are there for you and Liberty Arts will provide all necessary materials as well as wall tags for the work.

At the Opening Reception the curator will work with Liberty Arts in planning what type of music will be played, whether there will be activities on the Plaza and introduce the exhibition to the guests, discussing the concept for the show. If the show is an “invitational” then the participating artists should present a short discussion of their work which the curator will have previously organized.

Liberty Arts provides backup and support and facilitates all of the different phases and responsibilities of the curator.

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