We Art Together
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We Art Together

Liberty Arts has created a new Explorations outreach program, We Art Together, which is supported by the California Arts Council and Pacific Power Foundation. Our goal is to expose new art to students through creating projects adapted from our exhibitions. We Art Together is a response to the need for home education/distance learning during restricted gallery visitation.

So far, we have distributed ~ 1200 binders with art supplies and creative instruction for no charge to schools. In the 2020-2021 academic year, we were able to reach even more schools than previously by re-imagining how we outreach. Schools that are hours away were able to receive supplies, instructions and materials based on our contemporary exhibits. It is our intention that We Art Together serves as a fun new way for students to stay connected, educated and engaged in the visual arts. We understand this school year looks different for everyone and we are eager to cater to what works for your particular situation. 
We hope you and your students will enjoy this educational opportunity, our gift from Liberty Arts! We are so excited to be able to adapt with the times and continue to educate the community with wonderful art and creative fun projects. Let’s stay connected Siskiyou County!

Here is a look at some of the projects we have put together for students k-12 and senior citizens.

Our second project, Seeing Music, is designed to inspire youth of all ages to get into the feel of a piece of instrumental music and create abstract art from it with oil pastels and professional art papers provided.

If you know a student working from home who would like to join, give us a call at the gallery for more information on how to receive a free binder. We are available from Wed. -Sat. from 10am- 4pm. (530) 842-0222 or anytime via email

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