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Relative Pairings
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Relative Pairings

Relative Pairings

An Exploration of Artful Relationships


December 7, 2018 ~ January 4, 2019

Don Hall (Son), Berlin 2018, archival photo on canvas.

Donald M. Hall, Sr. (Father), Woman with Prayer Beads, pastel

Jane Hall (Daughter-in-law), In the Carnivore’s House–No Vegans Here, archival photo on canvas

Joie De Fond (Mother), Fall in the Desert, acrylic

Mardi Garrett  (Daughter)The Plains, acrylic on canvas

India Fratus (Wife), Great Horned Owl, Wool with wire armature

Giuseppe Fratus (Husband), La Nocturna, fountain column, cement & limestone

Sharon LoMonaco (Partner) Dancing in the Shadows, photograph

David Gochenour (Partner) Vision, recycled welded steel

Naomi Chandon (Granddaughter) Naomi’s View, encaustic and ink

Cathy Valentine (Grammy), Cathy’s View, encaustic and ink

Karen Pratt  (Cousin), White Deerskin Purse, Red Deerskin Vest, red deerskin w/Antler Buttons, white deerskin

Jennifer Pentrack (Cousin), Vestige (Coyote Pelvis), Acrylic on Canvas

Britt Welin (Wife) Night Visitor, Mixed media w/Custom Walnut Frame

Harry Feinberg (Husband) Unmasking the Feathered Shaman, varnished giclée print on Pro-Classic Pearl photo paper mounted on birch panel, custom framed in walnut

Betty Miller (Aunt-in-law), Barry, watercolor

Joy Price (Niece-in-law) Barry, watercolor

Robin Bailey (Wife), Carmet, California, photo on canvas

Robbie Mossgraber (Husband), Utah, oil on canvas

Shery Zand Weaver (Wife), Ron Weaver  (Husband), Phoenix in Love

Shery Zand Weaver (Wife), Ron Weaver  (Husband), Japanese Lantern

Jill O’Brien (Daughter), Pods, porcelain

Eloise Larson (Mother), Queen “B”, oil on canvas with gold leaf

Stacia (Hardy) Anderson (Daughter), Yahi Trail at Sunset, acrylic on canvas

Michelle (Hardy) Archer (Daughter), Bull Lake at Sunrise, photograph

Linda Hardy (Mother) ,Forest Dance, oil on canvas

Toni Morimoto (Mother & Mother-in-law), Dreamin’, acrylic on bone

Maureen Williams (Daughter-in-law), Kalos Eidos, Kaleidoscope video

Mariah Williams (Daughter), Align; A Chakra Balancer, Crystal ball sun catcher, copper and wire with precious stones,

Micah D. Williams (Son), Man Overboard, acrylic on canvas

Sharon Kisling (Wife), Funnel Clouds Over Bear Mountain, pastel on paper

Arley Kisling (Husband), Glass Lady, Oil on Board

Ondia Durovchic (Wife), Lend a Hand if You Can, Broche or Necklace
3rd Eye, Beadwork Broche w/German prosthetic eye (hand painted), Beadwork Bracelet

Bill Durovchic (Husband), Gearbox, steel, aluminum, brass

Oliver Linden (Grandson), Brian Meek (Grandfather), Generational Doorway, clay, paper, wire, wood

Marianna Rosi, (Wife), Studio Clampi in Via Martelli, etching and aquatint

Matteo Benetazzo (Husband), Contentori, lithograph

Betsey Shuteroff (Wife), Miss Piggy of New Zealand, pastel on archival paper

David Shuteroff (Husband), Sterling Silver & Moonstone Pendant Necklace,
sterling silver & moonstone

Joanna Kidd, Flower Creature 4, serigraph

Chris Kidd, Coffee, collage

Liberty Arts Christmas Tree by Robin Bailey and India Fratus (Friends)

Relative Pairings will continue through January 4, 2019.  Liberty Arts is located at 108 W. Miner St. in Historic Downton Yreka. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. For more information please call 530 842-0222.

Photography by Sharon LoMonaco

Funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

Liberty Arts Hours of Operation
Liberty Arts, 108 W. Miner Street in Historic Downtown Yreka, CA 96097
OPEN ~ Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 – 5:00
Sunday, Monday & Tuesday ~ CLOSED
530 842-0222

2 Responses

  1. Gina and Emily says:

    We loved the imaginative pairings!
    Thanks for your great work, Don!!! (And artists!)

  2. Dean says:

    I feel privileged to witness the magic dances occurring here…thanks to you all.