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Coming Home ~ Renewing the World
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Coming Home ~ Renewing the World

Brian D. Tripp    Lyn Risling    Denise McKenzie    Lena Hurd    Ralph Starritt    Daniel Grieb

This unique exhibition honors and showcases the outstanding California Indian Artists who live and create their art along the Klamath River. This landscape of mountains and rivers contains the ancient homelands of the Karuk, Yurok, and Hupa tribes, their ancient village sites and sacred ceremonial places, as well as many places in the natural world that are part of their inherited mythical landscape and of their ongoing cultural and spiritual life.

Lyn Risling, World Renewal      Brian D. Tripp, Fire Tender              Lena Hurd, Baskets

Brian D. Tripp – The Gathering, Paper on Foam Core;
Giving it My Best Shot, Paper on Foam Core

Denise McKenzie, Basket Pattern:Swallow Tail; Basket Pattern: Flying Geese;
Lena Hurd, Women’s Basket Cap, Basket Pattern: Friendship pattern w/ Flower design; Lena Hurd, Unfinished Trinket Basket; Lidded Trinket Basket: Basket Pattern: Snake Nose

Brian D. Tripp, He’s Not Quite as Tall as He would Like You to Think, Driftwood
Brian D. Tripp, They Had Her Back to the Wall, Wood and Rock Sculpture

Lena Hurd, Backpack Basket, Small Burden Basket, Basket Pattern: Snake Nose & Stacked wood
Lena Hurd, Large Cooking Basket, Small eating Basket

Denise McKenzie, Deeply Rooted, Acrylic on Canvas

Ralph Starritt, Daniel Grieb, Metal Basket, Steel, Copper and Brass

Lyn Risling, Nuu Kári Ôok:  Ithívthaneen Piyâavish Araaras
(We are Still Here: Fix the Earth People)

Lena Hurd, Girl’s Ceremonial Dress & Girl’s Basket Cap

Brian D. Tripp, Come Get Your Feathers, Paper on Foam Core
Brian D. Tripp, Me, Myself & I, Ship Captain and Crew, Paper on Foam Core

Denise McKenzie, Girls Basket Cap Basket Pattern: Suspender & Little Snake Nose

Lyn Risling, Pa pi’eep Ithívthaneen Aachip Araaras…Xáatik Mukun’araráhih Nuchúupitih…”  (Long ago Center of the World People…Let it be Their Language We Speak)

Lyn Risling, U’ipvâaramuti (Going Home)

Brian D. Tripp, Three Stick Players

Lyn Risling, Aachiphan (Center Man)

Brian D. Tripp, Fire Tender; Stick Player; Lyn Risling, Ánxutxara

Lyn Risling, Ithívthaneen Kunkikyâavish (World Renewal) 
Collection of Karuk People’s Center in Happy Camp

Brian D. Tripp, Black DeerSpawning Ground, Brown Deer

Coming Home – Renewing the World continues through October 19, 2018

Exhibition curated by B. Nina Holzer
Banner photo by B. Nina Holzer

Funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.


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Sharon LoMonaco, Exhibition Photography

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