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Liberty Arts Annual Members’ Show

March 2 ~ 30, 2018

Sulina Sivananda, Chris Martin, Suzanne Mamedalin, Mary Carpelan, Bee Soule

Don Janssen, Bully’s Threat, Oil on Canvas; Myr Skipper, Emergence, Acrylic;
Linda Cosner, Parallel Universe #86, Acrylic on Canvas board

Sarah Rose, Ayn Perry, Debbie Martin, Stephanie Darger

Eloise Larson, Elusive Reality, Archival Photograph on Board, Single Edition

Linda Darger, Fire Spirit, Oil on Canvas folding screen

HG Lopez, 7:47, Hand Colored Block Print; Noble Dinse, Space Junk 1, Acrylic

Arley Kisling, The Wall, Acrylic

Ron Richards, Where Art Thou Now?, Acrylic, Plaster, Fabric, Found Objects on Canvas Support

Mike McCollum, Knot Head, Drawing & Resin;
Victoria Oliveira, Metal, Acrylic

Victoria LoMonaco, Feminist, Archival Digital Print

Linda Vivas, Skedaddle, Oil on Canvas;
Don Hall, Denver City Hall from DAM’s LIttle Window, Archival Digital Photograph

Christos Spontylides, The Apotheosis of 324 Freedom, Oil on Canvas

Mary Carpelan, Otto: In Memory of Shelly, Wire, Fabric, Acrylic Paint

Suzanne Mamedalin, Dreamscape 24, Acrylic;
Chris Martin, Necklace, Fold-formed Copper, Enamel & Sterling Silver

Sulina Sivananda, Urban Landscape, Acrylic; Bee Soule, Guest Room, Acrylic & Mixed Media

Sharon LoMonaco, San Francisco Sunset, Pastel; Gloria Ascher Olson, Hidden Mt. Shasta, Photograph

William Wareham, Cardboard Construction, Cardboard; Bea Duran-Whiteman, Ospana, Watercolor,
Elaine Kische, A Place in the Sun, Photograph on Canvas

Dorothea Barlett-Schoenstein, Old Oak Tree, Norris Canyon, San Ramon, CA, Pastel & Water base medium

David Shuteroff, Prairie Style Stained Glass Lamp, Stained Glass; Roger Davis, Urn, Clay

Naomi Caspe, Zero-One Amazement, B/W Photo; Carol Jenkins, Letting Go, Oil on Canvas

Sarah Rose, Duality, Clay Mounted on Slate

Marlis Jermutus, Gravity #30, Acrylic on Canvas

Ayn Perry, Snail, Mosaic, Mindy Mitchell, Anja Oceanscape, Encaustic Collage

Lugene Whitley, Torch Ginger with Butterfly, Graphite

David Gochenour, CO FE FE, Welded Steel & Granite;
Rajiv Hotek, Time Explained by Anicca, Mixed Media, Found Objects, Decaying Matter

John Rogers, Dancing Jelly, Metal w/Photographic Print

Emily Rankin, Cookies and a Slice of Pi, Mixed Media; Stephanie Darger, Woodland Nymph, Ceramic

Craig Rosen, Arikara Chief, Watercolor Print; Earlene Gibson, Mountain Valleys, Watercolor

Robin Bailey, Relections,Photograph; Betsy Shuteroff, Chauvet Dreams 1, Ancient Play, Pastel

Dennis King, Produce Stand, Oil on Linen

Laura Wilensky, Buchanan Falls, Happy Camp, Archival Digital Photograph;
Sherry Ackerman, Horse, Watercolor on Yupo, Kathe Worsley, Go Fly a Kite,

Natalie Shaw, Oxygen, Acrylic on Paper; Dennis Christ, Whirly Gig, Bicycle Wheels& Junk


9 Responses

  1. I think that the crew who hung the show did an out standing job,Sharon LoMonaco’s photo’s and arrangement were excellent.

    • LIberty Arts says:

      Liberty Arts is so fortunate to have an amazing group of volunteers who generously give their time. This exhibition, which is always challenging due to its eclectic nature, was installed by Kim Presley, Suzanne Mamedalin, Robin Bailey, Sherry Zand Weaver, Rajiv Hotek and Roger Davis, who also doubled at the refreshment bar during the Opening Reception. Our volunteers are an important asset to Liberty Arts … and we always have a great time! If you would like to join in on the fun just let us know where you would like to volunteer! -SAL

  2. Rajiv Hotwk says:

    Great photos of the show Sharon.

  3. Dean Davis says:

    Great selection of work by local folks…incredible variation, complexity and humor. Thanks to all for sharing….Dean

  4. Tm Gregerson says:

    We enjoyed our Friday evening at the gallery and all of this magnificent work … IMMENSELY! 🙂

    We are very happy participants.

    Lisa & Tim