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With Respect to Nature
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With Respect to Nature

Paula Bailey Brent, Jill See, Sue Weil

A Celebration of Adornment, Light & Fiber

June 30 ~ August 4, 2017

Jill See, Sunrise, Mt. Tamalpias; An Old Friend; In a Dream, Awake
Sue Weil, Sing to Me; Sapphire Forest; The Blues

Paula Bailey Brent, Necklaces and Earrings

Sue Weil, POP!; Jill See, Watering Hole; Refuge

Paula Bailey Brent, Assorted Rings

Sue Weil, I’m Right Here with You; Grounded; Red Waves

Jill See, At the Ranch; A Day at the Ranch, Spike
Sue Weil, Green Mountain

Jill See, The Headlands; Early Morning

Paula Bailey Brent, Necklaces and Earrings

Jill See, Morning Light, Shady Tree; Sue Weil, Fall Reflections

Jill See, Blue Reflections; Around the Bend, Heading Home;
Morning Clearing, Along the Canal

Paula Bailey Brent, Necklaces and Earrings

Jill See, Bee’s Knees; On the Wire; Meadowlark, Did You See That?

Meet the Artists

Paula Bailey Brent - Peruvian opal dia. ssPaula Bailey Brent ~ Custom Jeweler

The urge to adorn oneself dates back to the dawn of civilization.

“I see jewelry as a window into the natural and cultural history of our planet and its people”.

Inspired by nature’s treasures, Paula has enjoyed creating jewelry for over 40 years.

A particular focus and pleasure has been a partnership with a client creating a unique piece of jewelry that resonates with the wearer.  An added delight is to help a client find new life in heirloom jewelry, maintaining the integrity of a ‘time capsule’.

Jill See ~ PainterJill See - Heron

Painting for me is an ongoing exploration into the possibilities of expressing myself, its a learning curve so challenging and endless that I am completely captivated. There is bliss in those moments when I am so completely absorbed I’m unaware of the time going by, a form of meditation.

I have a deep and abiding love of nature and work to bring the connection I feel with all of nature onto my canvas. Painting helps me to see in a broader way, opens doors of perception to me in my exterior and interior worlds.

I spend as much time as possible plein air painting so that when I am in the studio that freshness and the information gathered while in nature can inform the work that I do there.


Susan Weil - Kimono DetailSusan Weil ~ Weaver

Weaving attracts me for its simplicity: two opposing sets of threads twining together to create a whole. As an artist, I hope to weave tapestries that lend beauty and peacefulness to the places they inhabit.

Often feeling that less is more, my designs are intentionally spare. Combining my interests in anthropology and art, I find myself especially drawn to weaving’s cultural universality.


Paula Bailey Brent, Jill See, Susan Weil

Paula Bailey Brent, Jill See, Susan Weil

Funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

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