Places to Go, People to Meet
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Places to Go, People to Meet

Places to Go, People to Meet

Carol Jenkins and Ellen Zucker

An exhibition of colorful abstract landscape
and figurative paintings.

Opening Reception ~ Friday, May 19, 2017 ~ 5:00 – 7:00

Music with harpist, Anne Johnson


Carol Jenkins, The Sun is Comming

Carol Jenkins, The Sun is Comming



“My love of painting evolved from a life-long love of wilderness. The play of color, form, line and texture across a canvas excites me as much as the shifting of light and shadow across the land.”
– Carol Jenkins






Ellen Zucker, Headlong

Ellen Zucker, Headlong




“I arrived at painting late in life, through a mysterious process more like grace received than like a decision made. I’m in the world of seeing not thinking, of silence not words. Just the mysterious pull to have brush, rag, stick, knife dipped in color, to say no to one mark and yes to another.
                                                            – Ellen Zucker





Exhibition continues from May 19th through June 23rd

Banner Images:
Ellen Zucker – The Exaggerated Importance of Gravity
Carol Jenkins – Etched in Autumn

Liberty Arts, 108 W. Miner Street in Historic Downtown Yreka, CA
530 854-0222 ~ Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 ~ 5:00

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