Full Steam Ahead
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Full Steam Ahead


Opening Reception & Runway Gala ~ September 16th, 2016

Curated by Lenita Higgs, Melissa Davis & Sheila Masson

Nikolas Allen by John rogers
We began our fun-filled journey on this Steampunk Railroad with an introduction to our passengers by our Conductor, Nikolas Allen.

Emmeline Scavenger ~ Brenda Eastman, photo: John Rogers

Emmeline Scavenger ~ Sometimes you need a replacement heliograph for your aerocycle, a fresh flakpanel for your stormcoat, or a clean squarecap for your swivel gun. Emmeline Scavenger is who you contact for all this and more. Put the word in the ear of any underground operative, and the Scavenger sets out to procure the knick-knacks, trinkets and tchotchkes that keep life moving swifter than a steam locomotive.

Designer & Model: Brenda Eastman

The Keeper of Images ~ Sharon LoMonaco ~ photo by John Rogers

The Keeper of Images ~ Whilst touring Prague in her teens, and seeing an image of the Royal Palace projected onto a wall via camera obscura, this enterprising woman wished to create images that remained! Pursuing early experiments in photography, she remained in Central Europe, contriving portraits so personal and revealing that she was invited to document their rapidly decreasing Royalty. Her marriage to a lesser Hungarian prince left her the wherewithal to perfect her portraiture, and hence amass a worldwide record of a now bygone Class.

Designer & Model: Sharon LoMonaco

Mrs. Snotty Gottrocks ~ Machaela & Jamie Weston, photo: John Roberts

Mrs Snotty Gottrocks was born in a small town at the base of a castle. From the first glimpse of the castle, she was determined to live there. She grew up and tricked the weak oldest son into marrying her. She now visits the small towns around the castle wearing her “Scent-a-later” and her white gloves which covers her mechanical right hand. She loves to use her metal finger to point at people and jab them in the chest! She is so well disliked that the children in all the towns around the castle sing this little didy while playing jump rope and hop-along:

“Mrs Snotty Gottrocks wears white gloves.
When Mrs Snotty Gottrocks comes around, everyone frowns!
Mrs Snotty Gottrocks, Get out of town!

Designer: Michaela Weston Model: Jamie Weston

Liam, Aiden & Brenden Masson

Harnessing the Power of Two ~Spikey Brick & Scrappy Steve ~ Twins Sparky & Scrappy Mulloy … and little brother Spikey were born in County Cork, Ireland.  They were driven from their country home after the potato famine and into the city of London to make a life on their own. All they had known was a miserable life in the fields, so they embraced their new adventure. Sparky & Scrappy were intrigued by science, the supernatural, or things that appeared to be magical. They created a magic show … one where they could use their identical looks as “human teleportation”, and this became their most popular trick! Not to be overshadowed by his famous twin brothers, Spikey Mulloy took flight from the family farm to pursue his dream of piloting the first steam powered aircraft, the Avion. His effervescent spirit and small stature helped lift him to amazing heights.

Designer: Sheila Masson ~ Models: Liam, Aiden & Brenden Masson

Rosalyn Margot Phelps

Rosalyn Margot Phelps, Private Investigator, Time Traveler, Archeologist, Chemist—and Notary Public ~ Rosalyn was born in Paris in 1862 to unknown parents.     She mysteriously appeared cozily tucked in a basket one day at the age of 3 months, on the doorstep of the Hotel Dieu, (the oldest charity hospital in Paris), with a hastily-written note attached that read “This is Rosalyn Margot.  We love her, she is good-natured and won’t be any trouble for you…but we have run out of time.”   Hungry, yet otherwise healthy and unafraid of her situation, Rosalyn was quiet and curious, yet obviously abandoned.   She was quickly adopted by Constable and Mrs. Edward P. Phelps, who took Rosalyn to live in London.  Under the care of her doting new parents, she received the best formal education, perfected the art of time travel, and learned to be resourceful, tenacious, and resilient.     Now, traveling through time, she will take on the toughest of unsolved mysteries, but specializes in finding lost children of all ages—a subject close to her heart.    She is quoted as stating, “Time travel isn’t for sissies,” and her motto is “No case too old, no job too small.”   Rosalyn still keeps the note she was found with safe in her purse—she knows she’ll find her birth parents one day.

Designer & Model: Melissa Davis

The Wanderer, Anna Hayter & Desirae Smith

The Wanderer ~ These are dismal times for Eleanor Singer, as she desperately longs for her husband’s return.  Whaling Captain Archibald Singer was last reported entering the Black Sea, having not returned now five years later. Presumed dead by authorities, the bank has foreclosed on the family fortune in compensation for their losses. Undeterred, Eleanor maintains their empty estate and reputation under the guise of her ingenuity and unrelenting spirit. The discerning eyes of high society ever watchful of her descent, perhaps unknowing that the veil of her beauty has been fashioned by the curtains of the manor and the beach combed treasures of the ocean. Eleanor gazes into the mysterious sea, ever hoping and dreaming of the impossible. Her heart looks but cannot see Captain Singer’s sails emerging from the misty waters always just beyond the infinite horizon.

Designer: Anna Hayter, Model: Desirae Smith

Octavia Merhchant, photo, John Rogers

Octavia Merchant ~ They say that everything has its price. Nobody knows this better than Octavia Merchant. From items of pleasure to weapons of warfare, this shrewd businesswoman brokers it all. No matter your status, station, or surname, if you can remunerate her fee, she will procure that which you seek.

Designer & Model: Barbara Eastman

Ballerina in Bondage

Ballerina in Bondage ~ Born a fragile child, Lavinia spent most of her childhood in a darkened room, ostensibly to protect her health. She likened it to a dungeon, reviving her spirits only by inventing passionate dances. After her protective mother’s death, she ran away and joined a ballet troupe, soon becoming their prima ballerina. She insisted on performing tightly girded, to remind her of her fortunate release from childhood bondage.

Designer: Sharon LoMonaco, Model: Valerie Wiley

Ruffles Cogsworth

Ruffles Cogsworth is the famous inventor of the Steam Sewing Machine. One day while sewing she had an idea … which is always dangerous! She was steam pressing her creations and thought “steam plus sewing machine”! If she could put steam to her sewing machine to power it and steam garments as she sewed she could double time it! And she did and is now known thanked by stitchers across the land for her fabulous creations!

Designer & Model: Summer Dawn Clements



Lily LaFlame

Lily La Flame ~ From the poor French Quarter of New Orleans, yet claiming to be descended from French Royalty, Lily La Flame was perpetually “on tour”, riding the Western railroads in high style. Her perfect manners and seductive looks charmed all male passengers attendants and passengers. However, god-fearing matrons always contrived that she be seated at the back of the carriage … next to the mail car. For years, no connection was made between her presence.. and missing bullion at the final destination.

Designer: Shiela Masson, Model: Lenita Higgs


Detective Mickey O’DouleDective Mickey O'Doule ~ Fed up with union-busting duties in Boston, Pinkerton Detective Mickey O’Doule requested any assignment that would take him far out West. Riding undercover, alongside dusty railroad tracks, for weeks, he finally distinguished himself by capturing temptress Lily La Flame alighting from a train with 10 gold ingots secreted in her corsets! Viewing the ensuing newspaper pictures, citizens were puzzled as to why they were both shown smiling so broadly as Mickey applied the handcuffs.

Designer: Lenita Higgs
Model: Michael Higgs


Claire Voyure

Claire Voyure ~ Gazing upon all, missing nothing to come, Claire Voyure discovered early on that her beauteous bakelite Energy Cuff became a Time Machine Bracelet when secrets needed to be seen! Discarding cheap carnival acts for true revelations of the future, exposed by her all-seeing eyes’ bright light, her presence was much sought-after …
or much feared!

Designer & Model: Ondia Durovchic


Elizabeth, photo by John Rogers

Elizabeth ~ After sailing from Liver Pool England, the ship sank. Elizabeth lost her mother her father and her younger brother; somehow she survived. She was washed upon an island. After wandering a short time until she stumbled upon a village where she met a young man who was rich and very skilled in sewing. Elizabeth was in luck!  Needing new clothes, the little boy helped her make clothing and his family fed her and gave her shelter.  Going back to the shore, she found the very binoculars her grandmother had passed down to her. She looked through them and saw her parents with her little brother.

Designer & Model: Carly Turner



Scavy, photo by John Rogers

Scavy ~ She is a scavenger but of the finer things in life not junk. She gets her way into the upper crust parties an steals items from their homes. She travels between the big cities of the world picking up expensive items to everyday trinkets she can sell quick. She goes by many names and has no real connections to anyone, although she has many friends/contacts. She lives for the day and is in every moment. She is Scavy.

Designer & Model : Anna Hayter

Delbert the Magician, photo by John Rogers

During intermission Delbert the Magician entertained and enthralled the audience.

Delbert enthralls audience, photo by John Rogers

North, photo by John RogersNorth

North ~ “North” walks in the winds of time. Her totem; the eagle-mother of her ancestors. Her wings glide over glacier-born Pacific Northwest waters. Ancient rhythms coax ancient memories and foretell of a future time; one of machines, man, and greed. “Steam” and “might” threaten her way of life, but she is the spirit sister of the winged ones. She is strong, wise and cunning like the eagle she emulates. Her compass to rights her position North, always North.

Designers: Robin O’Brien & Nancy Meredith
Model: Nancy Meredith

Gwendolyn Tracker

Gwendolyn the Tracker ~ Deftly navigating dusty wastelands in search of the fallen, the forgotten, or the fearful who do not wish to be found, Gwendolyn Tracker slithers like an oscillating aerosnake through her vast connection of spies, scoundrels, and scallywags. Once she sets her sightglass upon her target, it’s gaslamps out in LondonTown.

Designer:  Brenda Eastman, Model: Claudette Fansler

Tinker Tot

Tinker Tot is an airship spy. Because a book is usually judged by its cover she is easily confused with a sweet school girl .Using her spyglass and her innocence, she gathers information about the airships, accessing areas that others would be barred from entering. Who’s the company she works for?  Wouldn’t you like to know?

Designer: Summer Dawn Clements, Model: Morgan Phillips

Janet the Planet

Janet the Planet lives in a Victorian on the wrong side of the tracks with 56 cats who provide for her every need – OWWW!  For fun she likes to hang upside down in her dungeon while eating caviar and drinking Moet Chandon, served by her most loyal companion, Archibald  Manx III. Once she is feeling good and loose she gets on the rack and he helps her stretch all her muscles.Feel free to drop by her home if you would like to be pampered and purred over. She and Archibald are looking forward to your visit … MEOWWWR!

Designer & Model: Pam Shaskey






Time Ranger, photo by John Rogers

The Time Ranger ~ Who was that? Or was there a “that”? They call him THE TIME RANGER, this cowboy in Midnight black,slipping artfully through Night as easily as he slips through the dimensions of Days … roaming in a parallel universe! Only a few have glimpsed him; silver hair gleaming in the moonlight, or the flash of his bejeweled brooches in the sun. Thus the Time Ranger Cowboy steers his path through the Badlands of the Ages.

Designer: Sharon LoMonaco, Model: David Gochenour

Sally Calliope

Sally Calliope ~ Lady of Steam ~ Sally Calliope is one of the first female musical steam locomotive engineers. She paved the rails for future ladies of steam, musicians and other handy ma’am’s. She is a hard working gal who isn’t afraid to invite women to work in the steam industry and looks awesome with a wrench in her hand.

Designer: Summer Dawn Clements, Model: Heaven Lee Baker


Borg-Jane'a, photo by John Rogers

Borg-Jane’a ~ I, Borg-Jane’a come from the mists of the past.  Conditions in my world were such that toxins poisoned life sustaining elements essential for our very existence, resulting in great corporal damage to my fellow beings. Many of us were wasted away by the poisons and it was often necessary, in this long ago time, that diseased body parts were removed to save a precious life.  No disgrace was associated with the occurrence and in fact, a culture of creative reconstruction resulted.  I, Borg-Jane’a used clay from the land, metal elements and fire to fashion a breast plate. It is with honor that I, Borg-Jane’a can now present myself to my fellow beings possessing a new strength, a new beauty and continued life!

Designer & Model: Jane Hall

Borg-Jane'a I, Borg-Jane'a come from the mists of the past. Conditions in my world were such that toxins poisoned life sustaining elements essential for our very existence, resulting in great corporal damage to my fellow beings. Many of us were wasted away by the poisons and it was often necessary, in this long ago time, that diseased body parts were removed to save a precious life. No disgrace was associated with the occurrence and in fact, a culture of creative reconstruction resulted. I, Borg-Jane'a used clay from the land, metal elements and fire to fashion a breast plate. It is with honor that I, Borg-Jane'a can now present myself to my fellow beings possessing a new strength, a new beauty and continued life! Designer & Model: Jane HallFefe d'Ente

Fefe d’Ente aka Tooth Fairy ~ Tuck in tight. Sweet Dreams! Fefe d’ente is coming for a visit tonight. You won’t hear her … you won’t see her. Swiftly, sweetly, she’ll collect the tooth under your pillow and in exchange, you’ll discover your surprise riches when you wake!

Designer: Heidi Martin, Model: Kimmy Axton






Bounty ~ Searching the world over with the tribes of nomads & gypsies that flows in her blood, to avenge those that have been wronged by actions of destruction to other beings, and our Mother Earth. She wanders ever aware with a roving gaze and draws on her ancestors to sense those of mischief … BEWARE! Beware if your number has been called for she will seek you out.

Designer & Model: Roxanne Strangfeld

Ivory McCoyIvory McCoy, photo by John Rogers

Ivory McCoy ~ Originally a waif from County Kilkenny, Ivory McCoy was never a stranger to hard work. Miners frequenting the High Horse Saloon were charmed by her pretty voice, but working as a mere maid, she was outshone by Lotta Crabtree who they showered with gold nuggets. The canny Ivory, however, sweeping up at night, secreted away enough leftover gold dust to ensure her great wealth in her adult years, thence becoming a generous benefactor of aspiring operatic singers.

Designer: Sheila Masson, Model: Tatiana Phillips

Ravenna, Riverboat Queen

Ravennaa, Riverboat Queen ~
She learned the ways of the ancient game of chance
With a suitcase full of cards and dreams
She headed for the ships of steam
To live a life of flare and gold and romance
She wore a top hat and frills and lace,
and she sang with style and grace

Her tricks were extraordinaire
She drew whiskey from thin air
Shot aces in the sky with her .45 pearls.

Ravenna! Riverboat queen!
She’s the infamous gambling gal from the valley green
Ravenna! Riverboat queen!
She’ll steal your heart and take away your dreams.

Designer & Model: Robin Vandiver

Beatrice Ballon

Beatrice Ballon, photo by John Rogers

Beatrice Ballon ~ Born of a French father, and English mother, living apart, Beatrice spent her youth dreaming of being able to cover ground and see the world, preferably from above. Influenced by her seamstress mother, and her father intent on designing flying machines in Northern France, Beatrice happened upon the latest craze, hot air ballooning, and was smitten! Her surname meaning “Balloon” in French, she knew this was her calling. “Pi’ece d’ Resistance” was her first solo flight across the English Channel, making her the darling of fashionable soirees and aspiring female adventurists and Fashionistas across the Continent. Of Concern: a near disastrous run on Ostrich plumes, which she said “adds to the feeling of freedom as they riffle in winds from fifteen-hundred feet”.

Designer & Model: Bee Soule

Amelia Earhardt

Amelia Earhart ~ Not long after she departed from the eyes of the world, the famous fly girl, Amelia, warped into another time … Lost though it seemed, she was fearless in her quest for exploration. It was an older time where her polished courage, keen survival skills & exquisite knack for improvisation blazed the way to colossal adventures beyond one’s hair brained imagination!

Designer: Chris Filaccio, Model: Loraine Wistler

Veruca Boregarde

Varuca Boregarde, photo by John Rogers

Veruca Boregarde, Saloon Owner & Time Traveler ~ Her father was a renowned scientist with many inventions to his name. One day he disappeared suddenly with no warning. Looking through his laboratory, Veruca found plans for a time machine and deduced that he had became lost in time. She set out to duplicate his work and to create a time machine of her very own. She now travels through time in search of him. Along the way she has met all sorts of tantalizing entertainers. These jewels are plucked from their time lines each night to perform in her saloon as part of “Veruca’s Time Traveling Tease”. The search continues for her father and new acts are found each trip. Ladies & gentlemen, Veruca Boregarde!

Designer & Model: Meagan Kruenegel


John RogersSpecial thanks to John Rogers for sharing his wonderful photography with us.

Photos by Sharon LoMonaco & John Rogers.

Full Steam Ahead! will continue at Liberty Arts through October 14, 2016.

There was a lot more fun going on at the Opening Reception after the fashion show … I just had to show you some of it!



0Andy Daley & children

Andy Daley enjoyed demonstrating his whimsical piece To the Bend with Porky.
Thanks Kaci Masson for this pic.

The children weren’t the only ones who loved playing with the art work.
Here is Tom O’Brien with Andy Daley’s piece Sew it Seams.
Thanks Andy for capturing this moment.

MCTV interview
MCTV intervied our junior models, Aiden, Liam & Branen Masson.
MCTV with Jill Gardner & Linda Vivas
MCTV with Liberty Arts board member Jill Gardner & Linda Vivas

Michael Higgs & Betsey Shuteroff

The dangerous Detective Mickey O’Doul (Michael Higgs), someone you would not want to meet in a dark alley, and crucial part of the party, bartender Betsey Shuteroff.

Robin Vandiver (Ravenna Riverboat Queen) with  Mark & Susan Rothman.

Dudley The Magician
Dudley the Magician entertained at intermission

Amelia Erhardt details
The details in the ensembles were amazing. This is Amelia Earhart designed by Chris Filaccio &  modeled by Loraine Wistler.

Hichael Higgs, Summer Dawn Clements & Meagan Kruenegel
The Va-Va-Va-Voom crew, Michael Higgs, Summer Dawn Clements & Meagan Kruenegel

Sally Calliope ~ Lady of Steam, Heaven Lee Baker & Tinker Tot, Morgan Phillips.

David Gochenour, Nikolas Allen & Bee Soule
David Gochenour & the AMAZING MC Nikolas Allen anticipating show time.
Beatrice Ballon, Bee Soule, resuming her Liberty Arts post as bartender.

It looks like the detective caught his catch, Michael & Lenita Higgs.
Liberty Arts board members, Jill Gardner & Brian Meek.

Liberty Plaza
Liberty Plaza was packed …

… as well as the gallery. We definitely ROCKED Yreka this night!

Lenita, Melissa, Sheila
The night couldn’t end without a special shout-out and thanks to our curators Leita Higgs, Melissa Davis & Sheila Masson


California Arts Council & Scott Valley Bank

These activities are funded in part, by the California Arts Council, a state agency,
the  National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency,
as well as our local sponsor, Scott Valley Bank.

LIBERTY ARTS is located at 108 W. Miner St. in Historic Old Town Yreka. (530) 842-0222

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  1. Nikolas Allen says:

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    • admin says:

      Thank you Nikolas … I have to say, you really made the show! You are the most amazing and creative MC any organization could have! You blow me away every time! It’s always a pleasure to work with you!