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Journey to the Sacred Places
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Journey to the Sacred Places

with Daniel Ripp and B. Nina Holzer

This exhibition is a collaborative effort by two artists who have both spent many years traveling in the landscape of the Klamath and Shasta region, rediscovering ancient, indigenous worlds, and taking foot journeys into the High Country to find and honor forgotten and sacred places.

B. Nina Holzer, "Rivers & Mountains Forever", Felted Wool Canvas

B. Nina Holzer, “Rivers & Mountains Forever”, Felted Wool Canvas

B. Nina Holzer is a writer and visual artist who grew up in the Austrian Alps, has lived in many diverse environments but has called Siskiyou County her home for decades. Her art and writing are often inspired by the many indigenous cultures she has lived with and by a sacred perspective of life and the natural world. Nina likes to use all her senses in art making, thus creating a visual, textural, word and sound environment. This exhibition shows her poetry, fiber art & multimedia art, in an attempt to express the many sensory experiences on her journey.

B. Nina Holzer, "Gratitude Song", "Journey of Renewal", Poem Scrolls

B. Nina Holzer, “Gratitude Song”, “Journey of Renewal”, Poem Scrolls

JOURNEY-4381 copy

Daniel Ripp, “Swirling Grandfather Rock Cloud

Daniel Ripp is a photographer who is inspired by nature but whose photo art also reveals a hidden and live spirit realm in the elements of the natural landscape. Daniel lives in upstate New York but has spent every summer of the last 13 years, coming home to the Klamath River region and making sacred journeys with his camera. This exhibition shows a progression of his photo art over many such journeys.

Daniel Ripp, "Fern Renewal", "Shasta Song"

Daniel Ripp, “Fern Renewal”, “Shasta Song”

Daniel Ripp, "Happy Old Man, Doctor Rock Trail", "Spirit Ripples, Copco"

Daniel Ripp, “Happy Old Man” on the trail, “Spirit Ripples, Copco”

B. Nina Holzer, "Water Spirits Returning", "Morning at the Creek", Felted Wool Canvas

B. Nina Holzer, “Water Spirits Returning”, “Morning at the Creek”, Felted Wool Canvas

In this show, both artists invite you to travel with them and experience a journey in the local landscape from an ancient and sacred perspective. The show is hung in a particular sequence, so as to tell a story in the timeless tradition of “spiritual traveling”. Such traditions exist all over the world but are especially alive in the stories and ceremonies of the local tribal cultures along the Klamath River.

JOURNEY-4386 copy

Daniel Ripp, “Blue Shasta”

Daniel Ripp, "Charlie at the Lodge"; B. Nina Holzer, "Sweat Lodge Medicine"

Daniel Ripp, “Charlie in the Lodge”; B. Nina Holzer, “Sweat Lodge Medicine”

With honor and respect to Karuk Elder Charlie Thom for his guidance and wisdom.

With honor and respect to Karuk Elder Charlie Thom for his guidance and wisdom.


Journey to the Sacred Places will continue at Liberty Arts through July 29, 2016.

California Arts Council & National Endowment for the Arts

This event is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency,
as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


Exhibition photographed by Sharon LoMonaco, 2016

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  1. ?yâamich “beautiful Thank you
    ?yôotva nani? arara af’yiiv my cousin Friend; from:
    Franklin Thom… karuk teacher of his peoples ways…

    • admin says:

      It was a special honor to have Franklin Thom share his stories and songs with us at the Opening Reception for Journey to the Sacred Places.