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Silk & Wood ~ 2017

Local elementary school classes experienced a new hands-on method of print-production during the Silk & Wood exhibit this Spring.

After observing, and feeling the woodblock and etching Silk & Wood Explorations plates used to create county artist Melinda Plank’s beautiful prints inspired mostly by local environs, livestock and wildlife, they were shown the contrasting technique and  highly-colored style of fellow artist Phil Dynan’s seriegraphs.

Silkscreen, metal etching and woodblock-cutting being impossible to replicate in the gallery setting, they “engraved” simple designs into foamboard sheets. Using brayers, they rolled printing ink onto glass plates, then back onto their “stencils”, finally pulling 2 “numbered” prints.  They chose their best, for final matting, and were impressed with their results…as were we!

Silk & Wood Explorations

Our next Explorations project will be exploring the possibilities of creating light, form and texture, using acrylic paint, during Places to Go, People to Meet, an exhibit by two abstract painters, opening May 19th.

Goulash ~ 2017

The eagerly-awaited annual Members’ show, Goulash (following our traditional multi-ingredient soup theme) features a multitude of entries!
This was a great opportunity to explain to school classes about the different genres of art, the mediums and varying materials used in them; and for students to visually identify and compare them.

Our project was inspired by a pastel piece in the exhibit. Three “Still Life” compositions were set up; students used oil pastels, outlined in black, on colored paper bordered by white mat frames and thus achieved these very masterful results!

Alternate Paths ~ January 2017

County students were treated to an exceptionally unique pairing of 2 seasoned artists, in the exhibit “Alternate Paths” featuring the sculptural works of Al Honig and Mike McCollum, eachAlternate Paths Explorations specializing in vastly different materials and subject matter. Many of Al Honig’s whimsical works, (all fashioned  mostly from reclaimed metal materials) sported moving and sometimes audible parts. Naturally, students were fascinated, and thrilled to be able to “interact” with the pieces.

  Mike McCollum’s exquisite craftsmanship, displayed in cabinetry, cubes, pyramids and towers delighted them. With their amalgam of exotic woods and epoxy resin, sometimes transparent to show the finely-drawn images beneath, sometimes vibrantly colored and abstract, the classes were eager to repliAlternate Paths Explorationscate these same shapes from cardstock templates. After drawing with fine-line pens, they then melted colorful wax-crayons via griddles…(always a favorite technique! ) over all, cut out the patterns, and constructed their own cubes and pyramids.
Several teachers were also delighted that this corresponded to their class’ present school math work involving geometrical shapes and volume!

Liberty Arts made slideshows of the students’ work to send to the artists, who were both excited, touched, and very impressed. Just look at these imaginative pieces, and you’ll see why.

Alternate Paths Explorations


Instant Love ~ November 2016

Local students explore Instant photography at Liberty Arts

Inspired by curator Maureen Williams’ passion for photographic collage, Liberty Arts’ current exhibit Instant Love, (featuring the combination of instant photographs incorporated into collage
designs) provides local schoolchildren the opportunity to be “exposed” to a fast-vanishing method of capturing a unique moment…permanently!

Thanks to a generous grant from Shasta Regional Community Foundation, and the McConnell Foundation, our Education Explorations outreach program was able to purchase Fuji instant cameras, for children to experience the thrill of seeing a photo magically (and chemically!) appear.

We were so fortunate to have Ms. Williams present at several classes. She explained how her friendship with the other 3 artists, from Kansas, Italy and Russia, came into being, how many of the 99 pieces on display were collaborative works, often resulting in unexpected juxtapositions of subject-matter!

Each student took a picture, modified it by peeling, cutting, scratching, even adding random words, textures or color- and delighting in the results. For many, this was a “very cool”, decidedly “hands-on”, experience.


Full Steam Ahead! ~ Sept./Oct. 2016

Andy Daley, To the Bend with Porky

Students enjoyed Andy Daley’s piece “to the Bend with Porky”
Inspired by the super-successful Steam Punk themed exhibit and ‘fashion-as-art’  show “Full Steam Ahead”, the Explorations program offered Yreka elementary students the chance to indulge their own “Flights of Fancy”.
Mrs. Prosvernin’s Evergreee-dscn0337en School class created
bronze-painted picture frames decorated with
steam-punk elements, to showcase their artwork. Mrs.Copeland’s firstgraders designed and constructed these refrigerator magnets with collaged, era-relevant images, enhanced with beads,cogs, and metal “junk”. Students were fascinated by the interactive exhibits, gorgeous fanciful fashions, and the “one-of -a-kind ” anachronistic pieces hearkening back to the early Victorian advent of steam-power.


Venice Beach ~ September  2016

Liberty Arts kicks off the new school year with abstract explorations. vb-boys-chainsaw Junior-high art students from Jackson Street School in Yreka were
introduced to the work of Laddie John Dill and Charles Arnoldi through video and projected images before visiting the exhibition Venice Beach.  As teacher Monique Birch explained, the students are working on self-creation with the prompt “That was then and this is now”.


The students were ready for discussion as they entered the Liberty Arts gallery and interacted with the paintings and wall sculptures that had come to Yreka. An art project spinning off from the chainsaw painting of Arnoldi will be happening soon.

Classes are now registering for Explorations opportunities to bring students to the gallery to experience the eclectic genre of steampunk art found in the Full Steam Ahead! exhibition, in the gallery until October 14th.

Those interested in bvb-bee-class-2ringing classes or groups to the gallery may call 530-842-0222 to schedule times. Exploration sessions are free of charge to students because of the generous support of California Arts Council, Kiwanis Club of Yreka, and the generous gifts of our members.

Teachers, contact Liberty Arts now to reserve a time for your class!     LibertyArtsYreka@gmail.com



impressions ~ May 2016


Students from our local schools will visit the “Impressions” exhibition and learn about a varietyEE IMG_5555 web of printing techniques. After time for independent viewing, the students will be invited to create their own mono-prints.

Thanks to a generous grant from Shasta Regional Community Foundation, each student will have their own Gelli plate and brayer with which to create their own unique print.

Mono-prints are one-of-a-kind prints- due to the nature of the plate.

1 kids working“impressions” is an exhibition of discovery as students are introduced to different printing techniques.

Our hands-on art projects takes students through the process of creating their own unique monoprints.

Allow at least 75 minutes per class.

Available dates: Tuesday, May 31, Friday, June 3 & Monday June 6.

For reservations email libertyartsgallery@gmail.com





The Muse ~ April 2016

Our previous exhibit, Bouillabaisse, which was the Annual Members’ Show, provided plenty of stimulation and discussion between our Education Explorations student visitors.

EE Students follow their own path

Inspired by Pam Hanson’s woven paper piece Underlying Currents, the EE team devised a weaving project, utilizing many varied materials: string, fabric, wool, paper, ribbon, which students“wove” onto a foam board backing, thus creating vibrant and unique horizontal patterns of color and texture. As usual, there were a few whose creativity crept “outside the box” with delightful and innovative results!



Our present exhibit, The Muse, is a collaboration between Liberty Arts and the Siskiyou County Museum, wherein the artists have each taken a randomly-assigned object from the Museum and visually expressed their emotional or symbolic reaction to it.

EE students will no doubt be enthralled by the histories and art interpretation especially if enhanced by a museum visit, and will be encouraged to create their own “symbol” of family, history, values or background.

Rajiv Hotek, 111, Karuk woman photo

Rajiv Hotek, 111, inspired by photo of Karuk woman.

After exploring meanings of Karuk tribal symbols, students will be lead through the creation of individual family crest/designs. Students may use symbols of different cultures, or devise their own, to express values such as friendship, generosity, loyalty, love, etc. Each student will work on a personal scratch board, with the piece completed to take home the day of their visit.

Teachers, contact Liberty Arts now to reserve a time for your class to experience this unique blend of art and local history!




Pam Hanson, Underlying Currents

2106 Annual Members Show ~ Bouillbaisse

 February-March 2016 Education Explorations project.

One of the most long-awaited events of our exhibition-year is upon us again…the Annual Members’ Show, this year titled “Bouillabaisse“, in keeping with our multi-ingredient “soup name” tradition.

Featuring an eclectic mix of pieces in all imaginable mediums, from members of our own county, and beyond.

As usual, we have selected a certain piece of exhibited work which we can use as an example to display a definite art element, technique or material, to visiting students, and which will relate to VAPA guidelines suitable for their grade-level.

After docent tour of the gallery and a short discussion of the exhibition, students will have the opportunity to create their own piece of individual artwork. This particular project will focus on texture, fiber, color combinations/values, and weaving as art. Liberty Arts will provide all students with the supplies for their art project.



OVER/under ~ January 2016

JJames Melchert & Mel Lyons

Liberty Arts gallery is excited to invite your students to a special outreach session exploring the dynamic drawings of James Melchert and the geometric works of Mel Lyons in our current exhibition, Over/Under.

This work will introduce students to conceptual creation as well as present examples of superb craftsmanship and attention to detail.

As Explorations meets California State Standards for Visual & Performing Arts, the introduction of gesture drawing, and discussion identifying art elements, will be part of our tour and hands-on project.

Through our project, students will imitate the process used by James Melchert in the creation of Drawings from Italy.

Please allow 75 minutes for the session.


Please call 842-0222 (W-Sat) or email: libertyartsgallery@gmail.com for reservations.


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