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Drawings & Sculpture

Opening Reception
Friday, January 8th, 5:00 ~ 8:00 pm

Exhibition through February 12, 2016

Ethiopial, Jim Melchert

Ethiopia, Black Conte on Paper, 100cm x 139cm (1985)

Jim Melchert

While Jim was living in Rome he had the use of a studio at the American Academy. The nature of his job there affected how much time he could spend on his art making on any given day. He might get an hour or two, though sometimes more. It made sense to use the time drawing.

“Absurd as my procedure was that concentration of attention on where I wasn’t enabled me to get to where I was glad to be.”  JimMelchert.com


Atlas, painted wood 2005 42″ x 78″ x 78

Mel Lyons

Mel’s work is an exploration of aesthetic perception organized through the repetition and permutation of similar elements. It is not descriptive of the material world but investigates the cognitive bridge between the physical and the imagined.


California Arts Council & National Endowment for the Arts
This event is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a State Agency,
as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, A federal agency.

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