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Education Explorations 2015 – 2016 Academic Year

With the new 2015/2016 school year, Liberty Arts’ outreach classes are getting off the ground.

EE Vision QuestVISION QUEST – August 2015

Some lucky classes were able to catch the final days of Vision Quest, a vibrantly colorful and powerful invitational exhibit from local artists Ron Richards and Bob Manley; displaying works in 3, 2 and 2.5 dimensions!  Manley’s exquisite, small, figurative bronzes pairing effectively against Richards’ towering, often semi-sculptural, acrylic paintings, choc-full of symbolism, narrative and social commentary. Students were encouraged to recognize symbolism in the works, and produce small narrative pieces of their own, using a selection of rubber stamps.

A SHOW OF HANDS – September 2015

EE - A Show of HandsThe September/October exhibit A Show of Hands, curated by David Gochenour, offered students opportunities to “Leave Your Mark” on a designated gallery wall, inspired by ancient cave paintings; and learn the art principles of how to depict “hands” to appear more dimensional.


UP IN THE AIR – November 2015

Katie Hawkinson - Fluvial-l

Katie Hawkinson, Fluvial

We would like to invite your classes for yet another very colorful, modern and artistically stimulating show “Up in The Air”, ( Opening Reception, Oct.23rd, 5-8pm) featuring 2 reknowned Bay Area artists; one an abstract painter and the other a sculptor.

Students will receive a docent tour and  discussion of the sculptural forms, compared to the abstract, 2 dimensional paintings.

This project will entail a 2 dimensional drawing of one of the sculptural pieces; then ultimately applying, scraping, brushing or washing on of color- following the painting techniques of the other artist, thus producing a multi layered painting. Students will become familiar with the concepts of light, movement and form through their use of color and contrast.

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