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A Show of Hands
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A Show of Hands

A Show of Hands

September 18 through October 16, 2015

The theme of this Open Call exhibition, curated by David Gochenour relates to what
the human hand is capable of creating and communicating.

Margaret & David
Margaret Britton, Fire Mountain & Freedom;
David Gochenour, The Slappin’ Machine, mixed media.

Rejiv Hotek, Make Your Mark
Rajiv Hotek’s interactive work Make Your Mark inspired by
humankind’s first communication efforts.

David’s intention was to discover the wonder of the hand and the many ways in which our hands reveal, express and communicate who we are and exploring the links between who we are and the role our hands have in this manifestation.

Jenifer Pentrack, Bird Hands
Jennifer Pentrack, Bird Hands I & II, monotype prints created using her fingerprints.

Much about a person is revealed in their hands. Whether a surgeon or a carpenter, a tradesman or a cowboy, an artist or an athlete,
pampered or persecuted, our life is written on the parchment of our palms, twisted and formed by life’s choices.

Leon McFadden, Two, Three, Four
Leon McFadden, Two, Three & Four, from the collection of Joy & Barry Price.

Janet Crittendon, The Zen of Gardening
Janet Crittendon, The Zen of Gardening, mixed media

Genny & Ron
Genny Axtman, Corporate Puppet; Ron Richards, Asterisk Painter

Sharon & Emily
Sharon LoMonaco, The Hand of the Artist; Emily Clauson, A Print

Leon McFadden, Fingerprint
Leon McFadden, Fingerprint, created with his fingerprints.

Noam & David
Wheel thrown and hand built ceramics by Noam Zimin & David Gochenour

Gratitude for Our Hands

Paintings from the Art Roster Group
These pieces of art are a direct result of the inherit qualities of hands in action –
hands of the artists of the Art Atelier – Art School in Mt. Shasta, lead by Alek Balos.

Hands made this art from the first moment they squeezed out paint, picked up  the brush,
to lifting the canvas and placing it on the easel. The hands did all that.
Hands fed the artist at home or on the go,
they purchased the canvas and paints at the art shop.

They painted each brush strode and made corrections.
Each decision that the artist’s brain thought of

was executed by the hands, no question asked – they never rebelled

How amazing the hands did all the work, but now once did the “artist” thank them,
or even acknowledge them as the instruments that created the artwork.

Art Roster Painting GroupTo see the exhibition in its entirety please visit.

A Show of Hands will be on exhibit at Liberty Arts through October 16, 2015.

Liberty Arts, 198 W. Miner Street in Historic Downtown Yreka, CA
Gallery hours: Wednesday ~ Saturday, 10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm












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