A Show of Hands
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A Show of Hands

A Show of Hands

September 18 through October 16, 2015

With an emphasis on how we communicate with our hands and how our hands communicate who we are, guests enjoyed the art work in this open call exhibition as well as the interaction and activities.

A Show of Hands ~ Opening Night
Another Liberty Arts opening reception filled with art lovers.

Make Your Mark
Rajiv Hotek assists Mary Carpelan in making her mark on the interactive “cave” wall.

David & girl

Opening Night High Fives
Rajiv Hortek, Nancy Meredith, Mark O’Connor

Patricia Hill, The Village Harpist
Patricia Hill, The Village Harpist provided beautiful music.

ASL at opening
Sherry Harrison interpreted David Gochenour’s introduction of the show with
American Sign Language.

ASL at opening

ASL at opening
Other local ASL interpreters joined in the discussion.

DSC_2243 - 2
Noam Zimin & Nina Holzer made their mark.

Linda Vivas … did you make your mark?

Maureen with the Slappin' Machine
Maureen Williams becomes one with David’s Slappin’ Machine.


1 - girl & guy

Kevin Downing, John Timm & Daryl Brooks

Robin & Ron Richards with Besty Shutteroff

Leonard Brown & Janet Crittendon

Henna hand painting with Robyn Vandiver
Robyn Vandiver applies henna to guests hands

The lineup for the henna hand art.

Lily Koltonow provides insight into our lives with hand readings.


Sharon LoMonaco, Liberty Arts Asst. Director/Photographer with
partner & curator of A Show of Hands, David Gochenour.



















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