Vision Quest
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Vision Quest

Vision Quest

August 7 through September 11, 2015

Friends, family and guests enjoyed the opening reception for Vision Quest featuring  the paintings of Ron Richards and the sculpture of Bob Manley.

Ron Richards & model for Clementine
Ron Richards with “Clementine”.

VQ-1806 copy
Robin Richards with her alternate self in We Three.

VQ-1857 copy
Like father, like son – Ross Richards enjoys a good laugh with Clark Richards, Patty and Jim Love.

VQ-1840 copy
Sculptors Jack Shaw with Bob Manley enjoy discussing the exhibition.

VQ-1800 & 1809

VQ-1833 &1858
Ron Richard’s larger-than-life compositions leap off of the wall to engage viewers.

VQ-1859 copy

VQ-1837 & 1874
Liberty Arts Board of Directors Barry Price & William Wareham; Marion Shaw

VQ-1824 copy
Visitors from Corvallis Oregon study Vision Quest painting.

VQ-1838 copyDwayla Smith visits with guests in the gallery.

VQ-1860 copy
Roger Carol, Laura & Bob Manley, Lisa and Tim Gregerson.

VQ-1845 copy
David Gouchenour & Bill Wareham enjoy a glass of vino with Clementine.

VQ-1825 copy
Carrol Hope, a student of Ron’s in 1970 and her attentive husband, Roy Hope of Linden.

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