West Meets East ~ Opening Night
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West Meets East ~ Opening Night

West Meets East

June 26 to July 31, 2015

Curators Rajiv Hotek & Daryl Brooks
West Meets East curators Rajiv Hotek & Daryl Brook

WME-1652 copy
John Rogers & Cynthia Henderson

WME-1657 copy
Cheryl Petty & Ron Richards

WME-1640 copy WME-1667 copy
Sue Rothwell & Sharon McCurdy; Marianne Hotek & Flannery Clouse

WME-1629 copy
Marlis Jermutus & Rasa lookin’ back at me!

WME-1636 copy
Flannery  & Cliff Clouse explore the exhibition.

WME-1663 copy


WME-1707 copy

Cynthia Henderson and Penelope Coberly take their turns connecting with Sharon LoMonaco’s You Are S(He).

WME-1666 copy

Visitors regard the photography of Jina Green.

WME-1644 copy
Bee Soule, Lenita Higgs, Nathaniel & Molly Cribari

WME-1693 copy
Artists and musicians, Bruce Anthony & Genny Axtman of Déjà vu

WME-1712 copy
Bee Soule, Connie Meek, Lenita Higgs, Maureen Williams, Pan Hanson








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