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West Meets East
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West Meets East

West Meets East

An Open Call Show infused with Eastern Art & Culture as seen through Western eyes.

West Meets East will be on exhibit from June 26 through July 31, 2015

WME-1589 copy



WME-1583 copy

Genny Axtman, Industrialized Teapot; Emily Rankin, Fan

WME-1592 copy
Genny Axtman, Gingko Afternoon; Daryl Brooks, Lone Pine

Rajiv Hotek, Western Scholars and Philosophers Intellectualizing the Buddha’s Teachings in Order to Make a Buck, from the collection of Lani Phillips

WME-1574 copy
Michael Newland, Man at Sea;
John Hammond, The Tree of Life Bears East & West In Mind & Blood We All Are Part

WME-1588 copy
Marlis Jermutus, Shambala

WME-1599 copy
Bruce Anthony, Meditation at Antelope Creek; Cate Lewis, Dissolving Cantara

WME-1580 copy
Sharon LoMonaco, You Are S(HE); John Rogers, Tranquility

WME-1606 copy

Nathanial S. Cribari, Easteria; Mary Carpelan, Turtle Dragon

WME-1608 copy
Carol Jenkins, Indigo Haiku 2, 4 &5


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  1. Emily A Rankin says:

    It was a really great show – good job to all the artists and curator Rajiv for putting it together.
    – Thank You Liberty Arts !!