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Filaments & Fashion
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Filaments & Fashion

Filaments & Fashion at Liberty Arts

Lauri Sturdivant - Strings Attached - 3 Orbs
Lauri Sturdivant, Strings Attached – 3 Orbs, Fabric; paper, wire & linen string

F & F Show- 1468 & 1475 copy
Brenda Woods, State of Jefferson; Repurposed flannel pajamas, work shirts & sheets

Filaments & Fashion at Liberty Arts

F & F Show-1495 copy

F & F Show-1535 copy

Filaments & Fashion at Liberty Arts

Lauri Sturdivant & Rebebecca Bruhn
Lauri Sturdivant & Rebebekka Bruhn, Ode to Jetsons
The inclination to re-design some abandoned textiles was ignited upon visions of peony petals and a pattern paper skirt. And so, this Jetson-esque style corset top was re-born, with simple clean edges from once bored collars, broken zippers and vintage buttons.

B. Nina Holzer
B. Nina Holzer, Die Salige, Felted wool; Standing Tall, Felted Wool

Fil & Fash-1418 copy
Mary Carpelan,  Jungle Out There, Fabric, wire, beads & wood

Carolyn Shurley
Carolyn Shurley,  White Wedding Necklace; Abbie’s Necklace, Cotton crochet thread

F & F Show-1514 copy
Michaela Weston, Stop Sex Trafficking, Canvas, wood, silk, lutrador, computer printing

Collection of Lauri Sturdivant
Madeline Nieto-Hope, Tires, Bicycle tires, from the Collection of Lauri Sturdivant

F & F Show-1505 copy
Adamine Harms, Remaking Myself, Life-size knitted woman knitting herself

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  1. Cynthia Henderson says:

    My favorite is Adamine Harms, Remaking Myself, Life-size knitted woman knitting herself … that is just so cool! Thanks for all the photos!

  2. Brenda Woods says:

    Thanks for the great photos of this show. This turned out to be a wonderfully diverse collection of work. I love how very different the gallery looks with all the garments filling it up.