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2014 – 2015 School Year Update

Liberty Arts’ art education program, Explorations, offers students, K-12, a 90-minute visit to our gallery.

The student’s gallery visit includes a docent tour and hands-on art project related to the theme or processes of our current show. Students enjoy learning through anecdotes of the creative process, production techniques and introductory art terms to support later discussion.

Bee Soule with tile project class

Bee Soule’ prepares a class for the design phase of the tile project.

Glorious Mud and Yreka City Tile-Project.

In September 2014, Liberty Arts’ Education Explorations school outreach program started the new academic year with an exciting idea.

Thanks to a grant from California Arts Council, we were able to partner with another art-oriented outlet across the street, Bella Art Works, and offer the opportunity for students to learn, plan and execute a project in three separate stages.

Firstly, we timed it to coincide with our Glorious Mud exhibit, featuring clay and fired ceramic works by county artists.

EE educators then gave presentations to interested classes, in local schools, describing the term “Art Deco”, as seen in some downtown architecture, and making students aware of “symmetry” found in much of this genre. They were given a 4” paper square, on which to plan and design a symmetrical ceramic tile, later to be fired, and eventually installed around pillars on the plaza adjoining the gallery.

Then came a gallery and exhibit tour. The final stage was at Bella Art Works, which had materials, procedures, kilns and instructors all set up for the eager classes to create the real thing, thus contributing youthful talents to the town’s historical district.

EETile7Liberty Arts extends sincere thanks to California Arts Council for their generous grant covering the time and materials needed for such an undertaking; and of course to the two good-natured, and well-organized owners of Bella Arts, who welcomed 200 very active and excited elementary school students onto their premises, amongst china, pottery and glass, resulting in one of their “coolest” Explorations projects thus far!

California Arts Council & National Endowment for the Arts


Tile project installed

The students have enjoyed seeing their tiles installed on the Plaza.


196 student artists created ceramic tiles in September as part of the Glorious Mud exhibition. Through generous funding of the California Arts Council and partnership with Bella Arts studio, students designed tiles reflecting elements of Art Deco style (as seen in our first block on Miner Street), which were glazed and fired.


Artist Monica Zinda finished placing panels of tiles on the posts in the Plaza this spring. Local students were able to visit and see their work in this beautiful public art installation.




Explorations Travels

Eloise Larson & Shannon Loftus teach printmaking

Eloise Larson & Shannon Loftus instruct students in printmaking

Congratulations to the Amazing Art team that completed the outreach to remote schools as part of the Hearst/College of the Siskiyous Foundation grant funding.

Gretchen Gerlitz, Lenita Higgs, Rajiv Hotek, Eloise Larson, Shannon Loftus, Sheila Masson, Amanita Mollier, Mark Oliver, Kim Presley, Lauri Sturdivant and Mo Williams, as a team offered classes to 655 students in schools from Tule Lake to Forks of Salmon.

Additionally, Liberty Arts was able to continue art outreach to students of Everett Bar Court School in Yreka, with Rajiv Hotek meeting weekly with students through July.


Students at Forks of Salmon & Junction enjoyed painting on silk with Amanita Mollier. First graders in Doris explored primary colors using torn paper collage with Rajiv Hotek.

Funding also made 299 Explorations outreach visits possible for schools from the Shasta Valley.


Liberty Arts’ Education Explorations program was exceptionally rewarding during the 2014 academic semester,  welcoming Delphic, Big Springs and Evergreen schools into our, ever-expanding, district outreach; whilst continuing our close relationship with long-time attendees from Jackson St., Mattole Valley and Grenada.

From the minimalist abstract paintings and intricately decorated sculptures of Dialogues II, to the sheer abundance of texture and color-rich local art found in our annual members’ show, Liberty Chowder, students have become familiar with art vocabulary, styles, genre and technique – through a successful method of explanation, exploration, and execution (a hands-on art project).

Most recently, having mastered the very new (to them) tricky technique of embossing, seen in a members’ show piece, the ever-eager young artists were thrilled to follow a new theme found in the April/May exhibit Numinosity. Inspired by the copper, space-filled figures of Bay Area sculptor Tor Archer, students created their own, empty, sculptural pieces by winding wire of different gauges around a form of waxed-paper. But how, then, to remove that inner form?  FIRE! Yes… Under careful supervision, students were able to witness the “mold” disappear in flame, and their human-figure sculptures take final shape. A quick squirt of metallic paint, a wee pedestal of ceramic clay, and they triumphantly bore their impressive pieces away.

Luigi & Marlis

Bee Soule & B. Nina Holzer
Liberty Arts educational specialists, B. Nina Holzer and Bee Soule’ discuss the current work with the students.

Bee Soule demonstrating painting techniques
Bee demonstrates painting with breath before the students begin their creations.

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