Siskiyou County Through Our Eyes
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Siskiyou County Through Our Eyes

Siskiyou County Through Our Eyes

Siskiyou Shutterbugs

January 9 through February 13, 2015

The photography exhibition by the Siskiyou Shutterbugs opened with a full gallery of photographers and guests on Friday, January 9, 2015.

John rogers & Don Hall
Exhibition curators John Rogers and Don Hall

John Rogers Abandoned & I am the Potter

Celia Balderree, Gated Community

Scott Morgan, Shasta Through Christy’s Eyes & The Face of Nature

Rebecca Durney, Pondering the Future

Cynthia Singleton, Draped Elegance
Teresa Pugh, Thing 1

The photographers enjoyed discussing their work with guests and everyone enjoyed the party!

Shutterbugs-0259 Shutterbugs-0260 Shutterbugs-0261 Shutterbugs-0262 Shutterbugs-0264 Shutterbugs-0266 Shutterbugs-0268 Shutterbugs-0269 Shutterbugs-0271 Shutterbugs-0275    Shutterbugs-0288 Shutterbugs-0289 Shutterbugs-0291 Shutterbugs-0292 Shutterbugs-0293 Shutterbugs-0296 Shutterbugs-0300 Shutterbugs-0304

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