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Luigi & Marlis
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Luigi & Marlis

Lewis Meyers and Marlis Jermutus

December 5, 2014 through January 2, 015

A preview of the show … Expect the unexpected.

L&M Show-180

L&M Show-12

L&M Show-184

L&M Show-1 &16

L&M Show-13

Women-22 sm

Lewis (Luigi) Meyers, Jr.:
I consider myself a poet who puts things together to visually weave my tale. Whether I make these parts, find them in my travels or gifted them while on my path, it’s all part of my experience and the memory I wish to share. I refer to my life’s Art as “Anchors Tables Altars Fables”. Please visit my website to view:
Marlis Jermutus:
I began painting in Germany in 1970. My technique has long included beginning each painting session with a period of meditation, letting the ego drift away and allowing me to release an intuitive burst of expression. It’s always interesting to see people view one of my paintings. They each have a different viewpoint about what it means to them, and I believe, because the art allows them to project themselves into the work, each person’s perception becomes a totally unique and personal experience. See Marlis’ art and more at her website:

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  1. like the standing wood shape symmetric with chain, fingerpainting, thanks for sending