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Glorious Mud
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Glorious Mud

Glorious Mud

A sampling from the Glorious Mud exhibition
September 19 ~ October 17, 2014

Candace Miller, Packard Sisters

Jane Hall
Jane Hall, Happy Birthday to my Excised Breast & Plate of Bon Bons

Cora Brownell
Cora Brownell, The Young Potter & One of Many Hands

B. Nina Holzer
B. Nina Holzer’s Experiments with Clay ~ Medallion, Votive Figure, Spirit Mask

Mary Carapalan
Mary Carpelan, Shasta Pottery

Alan Crockett
Alan Crockett, Vanilla Leaf Platter & Fish Platter

Jane Hall
Jane Hall, 3 Tectonic Pies

Candace Miller
Candace Miller, Googly Maquettes

a GM SHOW-57

John Hammond, Noam Zimin
ohn Hammond, A Long forgotten SketchNoam Zimin, The Four Elements

Brenda Woods
Brenda Woods, Role Model

a GM SHOW-66

Kedrick McKenzie
edrick McKenzie, Blackfoot Indian Claymation

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