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Down River
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Down River

Down River

August 1 thru September 12, 2014

Down River at Liberty Arts

Alan Crockett, “Smoulder” Clear Creek 10 Mile to Slippery, Study for Forgotten Day, Remember, Gravitational Ripples, Dissolve; Karen Davis, Turtle Island;
Alan Crockett, Waking Dream, “Stream of  Consciousness” Wooley Creek.

Down River at Liberty Arts

Florance Condos, Pipsisiwa (Presence), Hazelnut (Infusion),
Dogwood (The Crossing), Woodwardia ( Overlay), Willow (Meeting Wllow)

Down River-47

Dean Davis, Incense Cedar – Marble Mountain Wilderness;
Ukonom Lake; Castle Lake; Watcher at Dillon Creek

Down River-11

Diane Hokanson, Get Home Before Dark, Chambers Drive

Down River-12 & 15

Gloria Chappelear, Giant Maple; Karen Davis, Turtle Island

Down River-7

Alan Crockett, Waking Dream, Stream of Consciousness – Wooley Creek

Down River - Sarah Hugdahl

Sarah Hugdahl, Fire on the River – To the Waters Edge;
Fire on the River – After the Fire, North Fork;
Salmon River at Cascade Falls; Salmon River South Fork;
Fire on the River – Fong Wah Gulch; Fire on the River – Main Stem

Down River - Amanita Mollier

Amanita Mollier, Dillon Reflection;
Winter Storm – Klamath River, Hopkins Creek; Fish On – Trinity River, Hoopa, CA

Down River - Salmon River Diptych - O. Chris Adams

O. Chris Adams, Salmon River Diptych

Down River-22

Diane Hokanson, Day Labor; Nena Creasy, Marble Mountain, Bird, Meadow Fence

Down River-33

Bruce Harlow, Wooley Oaks

Down River-59

Nena Creasy, Breast Cancer Awareness!

The works in this show have come from a great distance.
They have not only moved along a road on a river;
a road that is often on the edge of collapsing back into the cliffs.
They have also moved with the influences of the land into which they have been born.

 They are both the manifestations of waking and sleeping dreams
and a record of form and light. 

They talk of the intense truth that is the world that surrounds and feeds our imagination.

They form from the desire to share that mysterious hot wind
that is blowing through the canyons at the end of a day. 

Or the joy in seeing wild trees bending to the wind, arching over incised bedrock cliffs. 

They speak of the sound of things: the insects, the birds, the water,
the horsetail and the subtle rattle and hum of the grasshoppers.
The riotous cackle of the crows.
The bark of a dog and the distant car that is slowly circling up the road. 

And these artworks come into being through the recollections
of hundreds of days on the beaches and boulders of high mountain creeks.
By the sight of silver and black fish flashing through the icy waters.
 Through the smell of the rich gingery scent of Aralia and Red Alder roots. 

They reflect the days of the Fires. The great smoke plumes rising in the distance.
The smell of thousands of trees burning.
Times of walking together in thick blankets of smoke and then later,silently watching the red glow of fires in the night.
The uncertainty of always wondering if and when.

And they tell of the rains that come with wet air and rich curtains of water.
And the mist enshrouded mountains
that shift in and out of focus, ripping holes in the deep indigo clouds.
They speak of those transcending moments
when the shimmering sunlight finally pours through.
And they tell of creeks rising and spilling over their banks.
And the soft silence of snow blanketing the forest and river beds. 

They speak of the chance to see Chinook returning.
 Digging their nests into the gravel of creeks and rivers.
To watch their spawning dance, filling the waters with food, life and death.
But not just any death; death with the promise of return,
of the thousands of thousands generations from before
as well as those that will hopefully follow.
Of cycles and seasons. Of time immemorial.

In all these works there is a touch of all this, the aura of a certain specific geography,
the heart of this place in the center of all these remembrances.
If this show speaks of anything, it is absolutely, of this wondrous shimmering world
that surrounds and sustains us all. 

These works can connect us to each other as well as serve as a connection
between ourselves and the natural world that has to profoundly influenced them.

Alan Crockett, Don Hall

The artists featured in Down River are:
O. Chris Adams, Gregg Bousfield, Gloria Chappelear, Florance Condos, Nena Creasy,
Alan Crockett, Dean Davis, Karen Davis, Bruce Harlow, Diane Hokanson,
Sarah Hugdahl, Amanita Mollier, Heather Rickard

To see more of this beautiful show by the artists from  Down River
visit Liberty Arts Gallery at 108 W. Miner St. in Historic Downtown Yreka, CA

Down River will be on display through September 12, 2014.

California Arts Council & National Endowment for the Arts

This activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

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