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Painters of Mt. Shasta


ArtRoster is a group of Northern California artists who come together to paint under the guidance of artist and teacher Aleksander Balos.

Art Roster at Liberty Arts

They utilize techniques from the Old Masters’ atelier system of the 18th and 19th centuries (e.g., Jacques-Louis David), as well as more contemporary methods.

right wall front

The artists engage in a variety of 2-dimensional media from graphite on paper to oil on canvas or wood.

Art Roster at Liberty Arts

Contributing artists include Aleksander Balos, Leonard Brown, Christine Campos, Diane Chakos, Marga Filip, Lezlie Graebel, Cynthia Henderson, Kim Guthrie, Shery Larson, Sharon LoMonaco, Ariel Morgan, Jenny Purtle, Linda Vivas, Lou Wandro, Michael Wecksler, Adrienne Yee and Barbara Zironi.

ArtRoster at Liberty Arts

These artists live primarily in South Siskiyou County and meet weekly to refine their craft, share inspiration, and study the techniques of the great European artists under Alek Balos’ instruction.

Art Roster at Liberty Arts

ArtRoster includes veteran artists with extensive art experience, as well as new artists training under Balos’ tutelage.

Now, let’s get up close and personal with the work …

Campos & Klug

Christine Campos, Home Sweet Pacific & Just a Slice. Alan Klug, Anticipation & Barbara Zironi, Untitled.

Shery Lason

Shery Larson’s Incredulity of St. Thomas, an homage to Caravaggio.

Lezlie Graebel & Ariel Morgan

Lezlie Graebel, Nina & Ariel Morgan, Jazmine.

Sharon LoMonaco

Sharon LoMonaco, Dawn Patrol.

Michael Wecksler

Michael Wecksler, Aerial Landscape #3.

Linda Vivas & Leonard Brown

Linda Vivas, Fig-Mint of My Imagination & Leonard Brown, Theodore.

Cynthia Henderson

Cynthia Henderson, Grey Matter I.

Lou Wandro

Lou Wandro, Coreopsis.

Adrienne Yee

Adrienne Yee, Girl on Gold & Portrait I.

Alan Klug

Alan Klug, Waitin’ the Storm.

Sharon LoMonaco & Kim Guthrie

Sharon LoMonaco, Fantasia & Kim Guthrie, Magician

Linda Vivas

Linda Vivas, Mt. Shiagra.

Alek Balos

Alek Balos, Past, Present, Future & Superman

For more information about the ArtRoster painting group visit

Opening Banner image: Kim Guthrie’s Prize Possession & Lou Wandro’s Berry Pickers.

Photographs: Sharon LoMonaco


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    Great work! LOVE the walls:D

  2. alek says:

    Thank you Sharon for the images.
    Kim, we all thank you for these great gallery walls in our community 🙂