ArtRoster ~ Opening Night
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ArtRoster ~ Opening Night

ArtRoster Opening Reception

Dana, alek Balos, Michael Wecksler

Dana Flint, Alek Balos and Michael Wecksler discuss the work in the ArtRoster show on opening night.

Liberty Arts had a great new look with Alek’s selection of a beautiful grey color for the walls.

Adrienne van Summern, Girl on Gold

Adrienne van Summern with Girl on Gold

Lou Wandro & Alan Klug

Lou Wandro with Berry Pickers and Alan Klug with Anticipation (top).

Lezlie Graebel with Nina

Lezlie Graebel with her portrait of Nina.

Michael Aiello, Linda Vivas, Cynthia Henderson

Author Michael Aiello with ArtRoster painter Linda Vivas. Cynthia Henderson is ArtRoster’s sole abstract painter.

Leonard Brown & Shery Larson

Leonard Brown with Theodore and Shery Larson discussing the inspiration for her work.

Jenny Purtle & Ariel Morgan

Jenny Purtle with her work based on Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring and Ariel Morgan
with her portrait of her granddaughter, Jazmine.

Nina Holzer

Nina Holzer enjoys preparing the fresh flowers for the ArtRoster opening.

Landon Stark

The magic man, Landon Stark, is the muse for Kim Guthrie’s Magician.

Leonard Brown & Kim Guthrie

There were many intense art discussions throughout the gallery, this one between Leonard Brown and Kim Guthrie.

Nina Holzer & Bee Soule

Nina & Bee with Aerial Landscape #3 by Michael Wecksler.

Bruce Anthony & Genny Axtman

DejaVu with Bruce Anthony and Genny Axtman entertained guests on the Plaza.

Ann & David Herfindahl

Ann and David Herfindahl enjoyed the activities and the art.


Revelers came and went throughout the evening enjoying the conversation and the art.

Chiago Abe

Chiago Abe was visiting from Brazil.

Kate O'Brien & Eric Kehrlein

Kate O’Brien is making her point clear with Eric Kehrlien.

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We hope to see you at the next Liberty Arts Opening Reception.



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  1. Cynthia says:

    I thought the show was amazing; wish I could get there more often … also need to renew my membership … SOON! SOON! {:-D