Box Show ~ Opening Night
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Box Show ~ Opening Night
The Box Show is a treasure chest of life's secrets, mementos, mysteries & dreams.

Liberty Arts Box Show features a diverse collection of styles and visions.

Treasure hunt with Rajiv

The children enjoyed their treasure hunt with Rajiv …

Ann, Joan, Abigail, Leslie

while other guests caught up with friends and explored the rest of the exhibit.

Treasure Hunt

David, Daryl & Guest

Agibail & David Macky

Mo Williams and Rajiv's Garden

Our co-curator, Mo Williams, appears to be having too much fun in the garden!

LIsa Nixon

Lisa Nixon enjoys Richard Newman’s Thanksgiving Shrine.

Lenita Higgs Linda Vivas

Lenita Higgs give Linda Vivas a tour of  Flotsam & Jetsam.

Stonewash on the Plaza

Stonewash played on the Plaza … Etienne Pere on bass guitar, Diane Collier on vocals, Rob Gebhardt on lead guitar and the hidden drummer is Charlie Barbati.

Plaza Dancers

… while the dancers got serious.

Gallery Guests

Kate & Guests

Steve Baker & Brian Meek

A pair of City Managers (Steve Baker, current & Brian Meek, former) enjoyed the activities.

Nina Holzer

Our very own, Nina Holzer, was delighted with Rajiv’s piece, Shane.

Ron & Betsy

Ron Richards and Betsy Shuterhoff always enjoy discussing the work.

Sharon, Sue & Lenita

It looks like Sue Rothwell and Sharon McCurdy are up to some mischief.


David Gochenour and Rajiv Hotek take advantage of a space to relax.




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  1. Cynthia Henderson says:

    WOW! Sorry I missed this show … it looks wonderful! {:-D