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Liberty Chowder, 6th Annual Member's Show
Liberty Chowder, 6th Annual Member’s Show
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Liberty Arts Members' Show Celebrates Local Artists

Liberty Arts 6th Annual Members show, Liberty Chowder, features the works of over sixty artist members.

Liberty Chowder which opened on Friday, February 21, 2014 and will be on display through March 29, 2014.


Don East, Brown Jellies, Emily Rankin, Assemblage #19, Sherry Smith, Lake Siskiyou, Suzanne Mamedalin, Quails, Susannah Rea Downing, Bound, Gail Domanski, Radiance, Deborah Brothers-Blazevic, Inside at the Outside.

Our members, most local, some from out of the area, display their eclectic talents in a variety of media with this annual showcase of their creativity. Bee Soulé, Retrospective/Prospective, Shery Larson, The Upper Hand, and in the foreground David Shuteroff, Hand-forged Steel Table  with Janet Curti-Haines, Graffiti Bridge Recycled #4.


Multiple media is the hallmark of the members show. Guy Bouvēe, Geometric Untitled, Charlie Gillingham, Sylvan Eclipse, Mary Carpelan, Mt. Shasta via RR, Brian Meek, Astral Soup, Melanie Harrington, Ursabella, Goddess of the Creative Need, Ernst Weinberg, A Menorah is …



Mimi Isbell’s Twinsies, and Cindi Mattos’ Point of View frame the idyllic scene of our local focal point in Genny Axtman’s Evening at Pluto Cave. The symbolism and social commentary of Ron Richards, ¡No Mas!, illustrates there is something of interest for every visitor to the gallery.


Seeing Clearly by Eloise Larson,  Basset Hound by Jennifer Pentrack, Custom Car, by HG Lopez and Eat Well, Get Healthy by William Wareham.


The delicacy of Brenda Woods, What Will We Do When They’re Gone is beautifully balanced with Whitney Creek IV  by Bruce Anthony.

Cora Brownell, Alan Groncki

Cora Brownell’s ceramic Dragon and Common Loon, a wood carving by Al Groncki, are featured in the gallery windows.

Charlie Gillingham, Carl Adams

The simplicity of Charlie Gillingham’s Sylvan Eclipse is a lovely contrast with Carl Adams Fish Candleholder.

John E. Sloan, Air Traffic, Deborah d’Arms, Nine Dragons and Christos Spontylides, The Sad Muse.


Carol Jenkin’s, Jukebox alley, Rajiv Hotek’s homage to Leon McFadden, My Friend Leon with Retrospective/Prospective by Bee Soulé.

Eloise Larson, Betsy Shuteroff

Eloise Larson’s Seeing Clearly invites introspection while Besty Shuteroff’s Snowy Meadow, North promises the pleasure of a stroll in the snow.

comboInterspersed throughout the gallery columns and walls are (clockwise from top left) the works of Jill Gardner, Kim Guthrie, Roger Carroll, Mike Severin, Joseph O’ Brien and Myr Skipper.


Linda Vivas’ Feeding on Babylon and Dan Janssen’s Evening Shadows.


Sharon LoMonaco has rediscovered the intriguing possibilities of yarn with her Happy Heads crocheted hats. David Gochenour’s attraction to field-collected wood comes to life in his Pigeon Key Spirit.

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