Liberty Chowder ~ Opening Night Annual Members Show
Liberty Chowder ~ Opening Night Annual Members Show
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Celebrating "Liberty Chowder" Members' Show

Liberty Arts was packed with visitors to appreciate the work of local artists during the recent opening reception.

February 21, 2014, Liberty Arts celebrated our 6th Annual Members’ Show, Liberty Chowder. This current exhibit is made from a homespun recipe blending a variety of sizes, subjects and styles of 61 member artists of all disciplines to create a visual Chowder.

Volunteers Mo Williams & Lenita Higgs contributed to the success of the Liberty Chowder.
Volunteers Mo Williams & Lenita Higgs contributed to the success of the Liberty Chowder.

Mo Williams brings years of gallery experience to Yreka and was invaluable in hanging the exhibition. Lenita’s hospitality to our visitors is always appreciated.

Virginia Rae (2013 BFF Bocce Ball Champ) and husband Kevin Downing
Virginia Rae (2013 BFF Bocce Ball Champ) and husband Kevin Downing

The gallery appreciated Kevin Downing as a new volunteer. Kevin assisted in the installation of his daughter’s 10 ft. high sculpture, Bound, as well as putting a fresh coat of paint on our walls and columns.

Roger and Robin combo

Roger Carol discusses his work with a visitor while Robin Bailey, long time supporter, enjoys the show.


Artist Genny Axtman pauses in front of works by Shery Larson, John E. Sloan & Deborha d’Arms

Tom and Shiela

…while Liberty Arts Board member Tom O’Brien visits with Sheila Masson in front of work by Bruce Anthony.

Robin and Connie

Board members Robin O’Brien and Connie Meek were part of a lively discussion.


Artist, Author, Photographer and former Liberty Arts web master, Nikolas Allen, ponders what to do with himself without a camera at the opening.

Nikolas’ creativity and wit have set a high bar for us to hurtle. We are thankful for his lessons in powerful communication and look forward to seeing him more often as a guest and art aficionado.

Liberty Chower Runs Through: Friday, March 28, 2014

Liberty Arts Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Photos and text by Sharon LoMonaco and Kim Presley

2 Responses

  1. Mo Williams says:

    I am semi-new to the area and have been unable to attend a lot of the gallery openings, and although I wasn’t there at the time, viewing the photographs by Nikolas Allen makes me feel like I am there. It is special to see such warmth in tonality and personal expression in the recording of an event. The lighting is always great, the decided moments and gestures caught are interesting, honest and full of humanity. And the compositions are strong and direct the viewers eye with ease and good movement throughout the frame.

    I have also enjoyed the commentary on the night and knowing who the members of the community are via name dropping those photographed. And who doesn’t love to learn a new word…sardonic. nice.

    The first time I looked at the Liberty Arts website I was not only impressed by the clean, well designed site, but the photography…giddy up! So I found the photographers name, Nikolas Allen, and curiosity lead me to see what else he has done, which lead me to his book, “Death To The Starving Artist” which I almost done reading. Great book and advice. I truly think it ought to be a required read in art schools, mostly because academia is more concerned with theory than experience. And this book is an accumulation and gift of his experience. I am glad it was shared. Kudos!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your wonderfully eloquent comment, Mo, we’re so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying our “doings”! We’ve been lucky to have Nikolas’ talent and unique style recording our events these past few years. We see that you have a piece in the current Members’ Show and look forward to seeing more of your work in future community exhibitions.