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Dialogues II - Wareham, Slusky
Dialogues II – Wareham, Slusky
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Liberty Arts Gallery presents “Dialogues II” with drawings by William Wareham and sculpture by Joseph Slusky.

William Wareham and Joseph Slusky studied together at U.C. Berkeley and have been friends for many years. They held their first duo show, Dialogues in San Francisco in 1996, where both artists presented a mixture of sculpture and drawings. For Dialogues II at Liberty Arts Gallery in Yreka, CA, Wareham has focused solely on large-scale blackened beeswax collages on paper while Slusky presents his colorfully-painted metal sculpture.


“Tortuga Deco” by Joseph Slusky in the front window display


Sculpture by Joseph Slusky and “13 Degress” by William Wareham


Detail: “Carousel” and “Capricious Commotion” by Joseph Slusky


Detail: Slusky’s “Spider Dome” sandwiched by Wareham’s “Slow Ascent” (L) and “Out of Nowhere” (R)


Sculpture by Joseph Slusky and drawings by William Wareham


“The action of tearing, pasting, cutting and folding determines the emerging forms on the surface,” says William Wareham of his pieces.


Among his sculpture, Joseph Slusky exhibits two paintings on wood panels that contain his signature whimsy, minus the playful color.


Detail: “Entwility” by Joseph Slusky


“The historic roots of this work are found in the cubist, constructivist and surrealist movements,” says Joseph Slusky of his sculpture.


Detail: “Cakewalk” by Joseph Slusky


Slusky’s “Obzor” and Wareham’s “A Stone’s Throw” as seen through the front window


Dialogues II featuring Wareham and Slusky at Liberty Arts Gallery in Yreka, CA

Exhibit runs Through: February 14, 2014

Liberty Arts Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 10am to 5pm

Photos by Nikolas Allen

2 Responses

  1. Brian Meek says:

    Great job capturing the symbiotic interplay gonin’ on in this beautiful exhibition

  2. Brenda Woods says:

    Love the playful conversation between the two artists work. There’s definately a push-pull, pos-neg, yin-yang thing going on in the room. Will & Joseph, thanks for sharing!