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“CHAIRity Show” Exhibition
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The CHAIRity Show - Art Chairs Auctioned for Various Charities

Liberty Arts Gallery presents “The CHAIRity Show,” fine art exhibition fundraiser benefitting various charities.

Over two dozen local artists created chair-themed art for the latest exhibition at Liberty Arts Gallery. Proceeds from select chairs will be donated to the charity of the artist’s choice.

Meyers and Wareham collabo

This “Sweetheart Chair” was a collaboration between William Wareham and Lewis Meyers, Jr.

Wareham and Larson

William Wareham has a half dozen pieces in the show, including a few large-scale, energetic paintings such as “Quadrants” above. The chair, titled “Jackson Pollack Sat Here,” is by Shery Larson.

Liberty Arts front room

The CHAIRity Show features chair art in a lovely variety of sizes, styles and media.

Janet Curti-Haines

This wonderfully-rendered still life, “The Red Chair,” is by Janet Curti-Haines.

Fabric by Nina B. Holtzer

This cozy, felted wool piece by B. Nina Holzer is, “A Good Place to Sit”

Rajiv Hotek diorama

Detail: “After the Concert” diorama by Rajiv Hotek

Chairs & Painting by William Wareham

Steel Chairs and enamel painting by William Wareham

LOL Cats!

Detail: “The Faces of Purr-Angels” was created by Volunteers from Purr-Angels

Wall of Chairs

Chairs from The CHAIRity Show at Liberty Arts Gallery of Yreka, CA

People Watching

“Chillin’ on the Wild Side” by Rick & Nancy Meredith

Bill Durovchic

Bill Durovchic created this interactive piece, “Fold Up Chair/Preorigami”

Deborah Brothers

Detail: “Nova Scotia” by Deborah Brothers


Detail: “A Good Read” by William Wareham

Front Window Display

Front window display of The CHAIRity Show at Liberty Arts Gallery Yreka

Magic by Landon Stark

Naturally, magician Landon Stark created a chair that defies “Gravity”

The CHAIRity Show Runs Through: January 3, 2014.

Liberty Arts Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Photos by Nikolas Allen

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