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“Fish Out of Water” Exhibition
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"Fish Out of Water" Exhibit Curated by Belinda Hanson

Liberty Arts Gallery presents “Fish Out of Water,” a group exhibition by 2011 MFA Graduates from CSU Chico.

For fine art exhibition Fish Out of Water, curator Belinda Hanson gathered 10 of her fellow MFA graduates from CSU Chico class of 2011. Hanson pulled together a dynamic, interesting and intriguing show featuring sculpture, painting, photography and drawings that offer a glimpse into the creative direction these artists have pursued since earning their Masters of Fine Art two years ago.


Detail: “Homing” by Belinda Hanson


(L to R)  “Requiem Redline” by Jennifer Linnea Daly and “Nightpool” by Elizabeth Newman Kuiper


Detail: “Requiem Redline” by Jennifer Linnea Daly


Fish Out of Water at Liberty Arts Gallery of Yreka, CA, curated by Belinda Hanson


Detail: “Not Different Though” Azi Amiri


Detail: “Scratching The Void” by Belinda Hanson


Detail: “Auschwitz, 1976” by Lisa Rosenstreich


“Bucket List” (L) and “I Challenge You to a Dowel” (R) by Trevor Lalaguna


Fish Out of Water features art by 11 Graduates of CSU Chico 2011 MFA Program


Ink drawings by Ruby Rudnick


Detail: “Prehensibility” by Ruby Rudnick


“Reflection Wheel” by Amie Rogers


“Like, Call Me Ishmael” by Brad Thiele


Detail: “Fern Canyon” by Lisa Rosenstreich

FOW Window Display

(L to R) “Mis Hebras” by Sandi Escobar, “Hermaphrodite II” by Crystal Keesey, and “Story of a Spring” by Azi Amiri


“Story of a Spring” by Azi Amiri


“Mis Hebras” by Sandi Escobar

Fish Out of Water runs through November 30, 2013

Liberty Arts Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Photos by Nikolas Allen

9 Responses

  1. Ama Posey says:

    Excellent show, Friends!

  2. David Hopper says:

    The show looks great in the photos. Would like to see it.
    Bring it to Chico?

  3. sheri simons says:

    this is a truly a super strong group show. congratulations to you all… you are a group that needs to stay connected.
    bestest, ss

  4. Jill Gardner says:

    what a great show! I was sorry to miss the opening but these photos make me feel included. i hope to get up there to see it before I leave town sunday…
    thanks Belinda and Liberty Arts for bringing this level of contemporary to us, very nourishing!

    • admin says:

      Hey Jill, The show will be up until Nov 30th, hope you can make it by. Either way, have some fun for us while you’re out of town!
      Sharon LoMonaco

  5. Thanks Nikolas for the great photos of “Fish Out of Water”.

    • You are welcome, Belinda!

      Thank you for pulling together such a fantastic exhibition. I’ll be sure to get you copies of these images before the show comes down. ~ Nikolas