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Scott Valley Bank Sponsors Student Art Homage

Scott Valley Bank sponsors “Homage” outreach sending local artists to work with elementary students.

We are grateful to Scott Valley Bank for including Liberty Arts in their dedicated cultural outreach to our community. Through a generous education grant, we were able to send artists to six classrooms throughout the county to explore the works of artists and create collective homages to selected artists.


Students from Mt. Shasta Elementary created dream landscapes collages after learning about Salvador Dali and surrealism, and the large flowers of Georgia O’Keefe were explored using pastel chalks at Weed Elementary.

Homage to Seurat

Etna Elementary School used colored markers as they created using pointillism dots after viewing the work of Georges Seurat, while the style of Austrian painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser was used in a mixed-media drawing project in Scott Valley.


Happy Camp students were introduced to the beautiful embellishments used by Gustav Klimt as they created golden, patterned animals, while Jackson Street students in Yreka engaged in a multi-day exploration of the landscape using the geometric shapes of Piet Mondrian.


Selected examples from this outreach are currently on display at Liberty Arts Gallery of Yreka, CA, as part of the Homage exhibition.

Special thanks to our traveling artists:

    • Robin O’Brien
    • Melinda Plank
    • Kim Presley
    • Barbara Soule
    • Lauri Sturdivant

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