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“Homage” Exhibition
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Liberty Arts Gallery presents “Homage,” a fine art exhibition of works created in the style of famous artists from history.

“Homage” features work by local, national and international contemporary artists working in the styles of well-know artists from history with the intention to honor that which has come before, and to educate gallery visitors with a little art history.

NOTE: Names that appear in Bold Italics below are the historical artists being honored, and names in Bold are the current artists who created the work.


Hans Baldung Grien – “Untitled, 2013” by Klaus Pinter. Austrian artist Pinter sent this interactive project through the mail, and gallery visitors created their custom paper sculptures during the opening reception.


“Homage” exhibition at Liberty Arts Gallery of Yreka, CA


(L to R) Art by Bee Soulé, Connie Meek, Linda Vivas and Kim Presley.


Detail: “Union Kiss” by Kim Presley done in the rich, luxurious style of Gustav Klimt.


The show features work from New York artist Chee Wang Ng (video), San Francisco artist Anne Pinkowski (large multimedia piece in center), and local artists Eloise Larson (left) and Barbara Soulé (right).


Detail: “Hundertwasser Outside and Within” by Barbara Soulé in the style of Friedensreich Hundertwasser 


Through a generous education grant from Scott Valley Bank, Liberty Arts was able to send local artists to six classrooms throughout the county to explore the works of famous artists and create collective homages to selected artists, such as (above, L to R) Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt, and Georgia O‘Keefe. Meanwhile, Anne Pinkowski pays “Homage to Jasper Johns” (background).


Etna Elementary School’s 5th Grade Class paid homage to Georges Seurat.


In the style of Matisse by Daryl Brooks; Picasso by Jack ReyesErté by Shery Larson; and Salvador Dali by Daryl Brooks.


Detail: “Woman with Dove” by Jack Reyes


Frida Kahlo, Henri Matisse, and Laurel Burch are referenced in works by (L to R) Linda Vivas, Lauri Sturdivant and Kim Guthrie.


Detail: “Fantastic Felines” by Kim Guthrie


Taking on the Granddaddy of Pop, Andy Warhol, artist Linda Vivas explores “Dolly” the first-ever cloned sheep.


Candace Miller tips her hat to Alberto Giacometti with “Monkey.”

While this post offers a glimpse of the exhibit, “Homage” is a multi-faceted, highly detailed and informative exhibition that’s best experienced in person.

“Homage” runs through October 19, 2013

Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Liberty Arts is located at:
108 W. Miner St.
Yreka, CA 96025
(530) 842-0222

Photos by Nikolas Allen, artist, author & multi-media marketer















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