“Homage” Opening Night
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Homage - Honoring Visual Artists in History

Liberty Arts Gallery throws creative costume party celebrating opening of “Homage”

With all the talk of originality, influence and plagiarism in the art world, it was a breath of fresh air to see an art exhibition openly celebrating – and honoring – that which has come before.

Such was the case at the opening reception of Homage at Liberty Arts Gallery of Yreka, California. Artists were asked to submit works of art created in the style of their favorite artists. Visitors were encouraged to come dressed as a famous artist OR art piece from history and join the Costumed Catwalk held in the adjacent plaza.


Excitement was in the air at the jubilant opening of this fresh, fun exhibit, and the crowd came in waves while also enjoying concurrent events during the monthly Yreka Art Walk.


Co-curator Linda Vivas paid homage to Andy Warhol with her “Dolly” series of colorfully cloned sheep.


Co-curator Jill Gardner brought Henri Matisse’s “Blue Nude” to life, cavorting with Brenda Woods’ surreal madman, Salvador Dali.


After a recent accident in his studio, we were thrilled to see William Wareham back in good health and spirits while honoring contemporary steel sculptor, Mark di Suvero.


Liberty Arts’ own Bee Soulé (left) tends bar dressed as the Barmaid from Edouard Manet’s “A Bar at the Folies Beigere.”


The iconic Frida Kahlo was such a popular subject, three guests came bearing her likeness.


Candace Miller pays homage to Frida, who pays homage to her husband Diego Rivera via a forehead portrait.


Amidst the kinetic costumed revelry, guests made the effort to examine the art.


“I don’t DO drugs, I AM drugs!” says Salvador Dali by way of Brian Meek.


Abigail VanAlyn references Belgian surrealist, René Magritte, with her sign claiming “This is not a woman.”


School teacher Robin O’Brien shows off student work inspired by the primary color-blocked work of Piet Mondrian.


Artist Kim Guthrie (right) has work in the show, and her son, magician Landon Stark (left) came out to offer his support. Both of these recent Siskiyou County transplants are actively immersing themselves in the local art scene.


Frida Number 3 (left) aka Jennifer Silveira chats up one of the dancers from Renoit’s painting, “Dance at Bougival.”


At 6pm, the crowd gathered outside in the plaza to catch the Costumed Catwalk featuring a cadre of creatively costumed guests.


Jill Gardner’s “Blue Nude” strikes a pose while Linda Vivas-as-Andy-Warhol makes her introductions.

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After the catwalk, the attending artists who had pieces in the Homage show gather for a group portrait.

Homage runs through October 19, 2013

Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Liberty Arts is located at 108 W. Miner St., Yreka, CA 96097 • 530-842-0222

Top Featured Image: Costumed Catwalkers pay “Homage” to famous art and artworks from history

ALLEN as WARHOLPhotos and text by Andy Warhol circa ’66 aka Nikolas Allen

4 Responses

  1. Linda Vivas says:

    What a great turn out for the opening and the hanging. Thanks to the artists who showed up! Thanks to all who made the opening to adore the artworks, and we adored all the great costumes!
    Thanks to Nikolas for his great photo work. (I couldn’t put his new book, “Death to the Starving Artist,” down.) He was also Warhol, and Brenda came as Dali.
    Big thanks also to volunteers Monica Zinda, who worked hard on the painting and moving prep, (and did great tile work in my kitchen ;-]
    Lewis Myers came by at just the right times and sawed and drilled and moved. Thank you!
    Kim Presley was fantastic with creative and organizational input, output, the student section and becoming an unbelievable part of a Segal sculpture. Thank you, and thanks for the opportunity.
    Kim’s mom, with an H, thank you! She painted, cleaned, and hung the student show, and became a wonderful Frida Kahlo.
    Barbara Soule was great with prepping, organizing, and straightening for the opening and becoming a Renoir painting behind the bar. Thank you!
    Sharon LoMonaco, actually the gallery staff, was the center of the activities and was always so dependable, SO capable, so present, so funny … thank you so much!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and my co-curator, Jill Gardner aka The Blue Nude, and all of YOU.
    Sincerely, Linda Vivas aka Andy Warhol

    • admin says:

      Thanks Andy (Linda) … Working with you and Matisse (Jill) made my job a pleasure as your joy and creativity is contagious. Once again, the result of great teamwork was a beautiful show!
      Sharon LoMonaco

  2. the blue nude aka Jill Gardner says:

    excellent! thank you Andy!