“Manipulated Light” Opening Reception
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Liberty Arts opening reception attracts a crowd to bask in the Manipulated Light of summer solstice.

In celebration of summer solstice, Liberty Arts contemporary art gallery of Yreka, CA, opened its themed exhibition, Manipulated Light, featuring works of art in which artists represent light in a manner that differs from our “normal” perceptive abilities.

WIndow display

The window display showcased a variety of Roger Carol’s glass prisms, which sent tiny rainbows crawling over the crowded gallery as the sun slowly dipped in the west.

At the buffet

Ever the gentleman, Brian Meek (center) provides bottle service at the wine bar.

Original Gangsta

The crowded gallery was difficult to maneuver, but guests still managed to take in the art when possible.

Manipulated Light crowd

The gallery felt extra small due to the additional “dark room” that was constructed mid-gallery to showcase the phosphorescent paintings of Marlis Jermutus.

In the dark room

Crowds took turns filling the dark room, while Marlis (foreground in white) operated the lights, occasionally plunging the room into blackness to experience her neon green glow-in-the-dark paintings .

Young art fans

The monthly Yreka Art Walk was in full swing out on Miner Street, which always brings new faces and art fans of all ages into Liberty Arts.

Enjoying the show

Light was abound in the paintings, photographs and sculptures — and emanated from many of the guests as well.


There was a great spread of snacks, treats and hors d’oeuvres, and the thirsty crowd worked its way through a dozen-plus bottles of wine in no time.

Jane Hall checks it out

One of the most popular pieces in the show was this beautifully-crafted interactive kaleidoscope by curator Roger Carol.  

Gochenour takes a peek

Visitors took turns peeking into this gorgeous telescopic sculpture, often getting help from other guests who twisted the end-piece…

Carol's Kaleidoscope

…which activated the multi-faceted jewels creating kaleidoscopic rainbows that danced and twinkled before your eyes.

Taking in the art

Guests enjoyed sculpture, photography and paintings from over a dozen local artists.

In the details

Rajiv Hotek gives a tour of one of his richly-detailed, lovingly crafted and always entertaining dioramas.

Curator Roger Carol

Curator Roger Carol (above) conceived the idea for Manipulated Light late last year, and while many artists initially struggled to grasp the concept completely (after all, what does “normal” perception of light really mean?), Roger and co-curator Don Hall stayed true to their vision and produced a unique, diverse and exciting exhibition that our visitors, friends and community members of all ages truly enjoyed.

Manipulated Light runs through July 26, 2013.

Liberty Arts Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm.

Photos and text by Nikolas Allen

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