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“Manipulated Light” Exhibition
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Liberty Arts presents Manipulated Light an exhibition focusing on the artist’s ability to dissect, distort or reveal components of light.

In celebration of summer solstice, Liberty Arts Gallery of Yreka, California, presents Manipulated Light, curated by Roger Carol and Don Hall. The purpose of this fine art exhibition is to represent light in a manner that differs from our “normal” perceptive abilities.


Prisms by Roger Carol fill the window displays infusing the gallery with orbs, sparkles and rainbows.


Work by Don Hall, Daryl Brooks and Tom O’Hara


“Manipulated Light” exhibition at Liberty Arts Gallery of Yreka, California


Kaleidoscopic sculpture by Roger Carol


A special darkroom was constructed to house the show-within-a-show exhibit, Tanzendes Licht, which is German for Dancing Light.


On display in the darkroom are a dozen abstract phosphorescent paintings by Marlis Jermutus.


Hi-powered lights illuminate the paintings, giving them a ‘charge’…


…then, it’s ‘lights out’ for a spectacular neon-green splatterfest!



One visitor claimed her experience in this room was like “looking at the universe.”

VIDEO: While the Dancing Light show by Marlis Jermutus’ is best experienced in person, this video gives an idea of the effect.


The gallery corridor features work by Mary Carpelan, Don Hall, Jill Gardner, Ryan Presley and Roger Carol


Works of art by Brian Meek, Jessica Johnson and Jennifer Pentrack


“Light Box #1” by Brian Meek


Photography by Shery Larson (L) and Roger Carol (R), and the unmistakable sculpture of Rajiv Hotek


“Refractive Piece” by Roger Carol catches the light

Manipulated Light runs through July 2013

Liberty Arts Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Top featured photograph: A view through Roger Carol’s kaleidoscope

Photos and text by Nikolas Allen

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