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“Liberty Scroll” Exhibition
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Liberty Arts presents its 5th Anniversary exhibit, “Liberty Scroll,” featuring an 80-ft. painting by 19 artists.

The Liberty Scroll is a continuous, collaborative painting measuring 54″ tall by 80′ long. It features integrated paintings by: William Wareham, Ron Richards, Aleksander Balos, Linda Vivas, Ronald Cooper, Allyson Cordes, Finley Fryer, Liza Woods, Jane Bruck Fryer, Fred Gordon, Steve Rice, Sean Kenny, Amanda Thomas, Brian Meek, Don East, Kim Presley, Rajiv Hotek, Roger Davis, and Eloise Larson.

VIDEO: Liberty Scroll curator Finley Fryer explains his inspiration for the exhibition

The Liberty Scroll project was made possible by a generous grant of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation, Community Building Arts Initiative.

Scroll Apparatus by Bill Durovchic

The 80′ canvas was wrapped on this wooden apparatus built by innovative local artist Bill Durovchic. Each artist could only see 6″ of the previous painting, and had to integrate that 6″ into their own painting. None of the artists saw any of the other work until it was unveiled at the opening reception.

Liberty Scroll at Liberty Arts

Liberty Scroll at Liberty Arts

Liberty Scroll at Liberty Arts

The Liberty Scroll at Liberty Arts Contemporary Art Gallery in Yreka, California

Rajiv Hotek

The unmistakable work of Rajiv Hotek

Kim Presley

Artwork by Liberty Arts’ own Kim Presley

East and Meek

Art by Don East (left) and Brian Meek (right)


One of the better transitions, these two pieces look like they belong together

Jane Buck Fryer

An idyllic winter scene by Jayne Bruck Fryer

Liza Wood

Art by Liza Wood

Linda Vivas

A loving homage by artist Linda Vivas

Alek Balos

Artwork by the inimitable Aleksander Balos

Richards and Wareham

Art by Ron Richards (left), and William Wareham (right), who had the honor of painting the first panel of canvas

Liberty Scroll at Liberty Arts

To appreciate the full effect of this exhibit, the Liberty Scroll really needs to be experienced in person.

The Liberty Scroll runs through Friday, June 8, 2013

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 10am to 5pm

Photos by Nikolas Allen

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