“Liberty Scroll” Opening Night
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Liberty Arts celebrated its 5th Anniversary with the “Liberty Scroll” opening and blowout BBQ bash.

Yreka was alive and well on Friday, May 17, as art lovers and community members descended upon the historic district to celebrate Liberty Arts Gallery’s 5th Anniversary party and the inaugural 2013 Yreka Art Walk.


Inside the gallery, the Liberty Scroll was on display, a continuous 80-foot canvas scroll featuring integrated works of art by 19 local artists – the Liberty Scroll project was made possible by a generous grant of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation, Community Building Arts Initiative.


Guests marveled at the massive canvas that snaked over the walls, pillars and folding screens throughout the entire gallery.


Familiar friends such as Lenita and Michael Higgs (above) came from far and wide to celebrate the special milestone in Liberty Arts’ history.


The gallery was hopping with all age groups: young, old, children and even infants, brought together to enjoy art…and cake!


The Liberty Scroll was the brainchild of Dunsmuir artist, Finley Fryer (center), who was inspired by French concept “exquisite corpse,” Jack Kerouac’s continuous scroll of writing that became On The Road, and a really long map of the Klamath River he saw in his youth.


Meanwhile, it was cake o’clock on the adjacent plaza and knife-wielding Birthday Girl, Lisa Gregerson (in blue vest), divvied the dessert with gusto.


Guests enjoyed the sunshine, the vino and the buzz of community celebration.


It was great to see our south county friends, like Heinz Danzberger (above) of Mt. Shasta’s Red Door Gallery, make a trip up north to help us celebrate.


Grill Kings, Lewis Meyers (left) and Tom O’Brien (right) were quite popular when their chicken/veggie shish kebabs started rollin’ off the barbie.


More of our south county art friends, Lindsay Budner (left) of Snow Creek Studios and Lauri Sturdivant of Sikiyou Arts Museum in Dunsmuir, embraced the chance to talk shop.


Despite reports to the contrary, David Gochenour discovers he CAN have his cake and eat it too.


In addition to the Liberty Arts celebration, the whole Miner/Broadway Street corridor was teeming with activity for the initial Yreka Art Walk of 2013. Several businesses stayed open late, drinks and snacks were served along the way, window displays were filled with work by featured artists, and the sidewalks saw more foot traffic in one night than they typically do all week.


At the Old Black’s Furniture Building, live model Debbie Moore Kegg posed for visitors who grabbed available art supplies and sketched away. This interactive element is new this year and Art Walk organizers have several live-model participants lined up for future walks.


Also new to the walk is an expanded live music offering, as was evident in the back room of Shoppe Serendipity, where the Bar Chords performed a rousing set of bluesy Americana classics.


As the sun sank in the west, the shadows grew long and the crowds slowly dispersed. Both the Liberty Arts Anniversary bash and the inaugural Yreka Art Walk 2013 were lively, fun, creative events that owe their success to the organizers AND our fantastic community who came out in full force to enjoy an exhilarating night of family festivities.

Liberty Arts is thankful for your support for the past five years, and we hope to keep bringing unique, challenging, relevant contemporary fine art, education and events to Yreka for many more years to come.

Liberty Scroll runs through, Friday, June 8, 2013.

Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

Photos and text by Nikolas Allen

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