“Vichyssoise” Opening Night
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Liberty Arts held a French-themed soiree to celebrate the opening of “Vichyssoise,” our 5th Annual Members’ Show.


Members, artists and guests came out in full force to appreciate the eclectic variety of art, and navigate the congested terrain of this chockablock reception.


As a titular nod to the soup-themed exhibition, Liberty Arts’ Executive Director, Kim Presley, served home-made vichyssoise.


Did we include French baguettes at the hors d’ouevres table? Oui!


We encouraged guests to dress with a “French flair,” and the hands-down winner of the Best Ensemble Award goes to Liberty Arts’ own Bee Soulé!


Artist Ron Richards (R) has Brenda Woods (L) in stitches.


It’s wine and soup time for artists Lauri Sturdivant (L) and Cynthia Lynn Henderson (R), who each have a piece in the exhibit.


This stylish twosome has been at several recent openings, and it’s always great to see art appreciation begin at a young age.


Brian & Connie Meek (L), fresh off a 3-week vacation to Puerto Rico were still in party-mode.


Typically behind the camera, Liberty Arts’ Online-Media Man, Nikolas Allen, finally gets out in front to mug with partner in crime, Brenda Woods. (Photo by Bee Soulé)


Daily visitor and good friend to the Liberty Arts staff, Guy Lamont Bovée, is proud to display his brand new piece, “Effervescent.”


Cheers, Salud, Santé, Kampai!


In addition to all the fun, festive, celebratory revelry going on, some guests engaged in deep art discussions…


…while others took the time to examine the art more closely…


…very closely…


…and intently…


…and, in some cases, the art stared right back.


The Members’ Exhibits are always popular events at Liberty Arts, providing a multifarious amalgam of creative expression from our very own community. These shows are a celebration of  the art and the people who continue to support our mission to educate, entertain and enrich our culture through amazing art, exciting events and exhibition opportunities.

As we enter our 5th year of operations in Yreka, Liberty Arts gives a tip of the beret to all of you who have made this such a successful, inspiring and enjoyable  journey.

Vichyssoise runs through Friday, April 5, 2013

Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Images and Text by Nikolas Allen (except where otherwise noted).


9 Responses

  1. Cynthia Henderson says:

    I really enjoyed the opening and it felt good to finally join this wonderful art group. I will definitely come back to see the exhibit without the crowd.

    • admin says:

      We’re happy to have you as a Member, Cynthia! Please do come back and enjoy the “Vichyssoise” exhibit when you have a chance. Show runs through April 5th.

      • Cynthia Henderson says:

        Ah … this answers my question about when to pick up artwork … can I pick up on April 11th? I know a new show starts the next day … let me know if you prefer sooner. Thx!

  2. Michael Severin says:

    It was a beautifully hung show and I enjoyed the opening, I look forward to coming back this week to view more up close and personal. Just out curiosity which soup will it be next year? “Avgolemono?” I am proud to be a member of this gallery, thank you for having me be a part of this great show!

    • admin says:

      Glad you enjoyed the celebration, Michael, we’re happy to have you as a Member. Hey, sounds like we need to have you on the soup-naming committee next year!

  3. Brenda Woods says:

    Besides having a great time reliving the opening through this fun blog post, I also learned what chockablock meant!!

    • admin says:

      Glad you enjoyed the opening, and the post, Brenda! And, hey, if you learn some fun new words along the way, all the better!

  4. Sharon LoMonaco says:

    It looks like a great time was had by all … can’t wait to see the show!