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“Trimorphic” Exhibition
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“Trimorphic” exhibit delights with distinctive works by local artists Lauri Sturdivant, Candace Miller and Brenda Woods.

Liberty Arts Gallery of Yreka, CA kicks off its 2013 exhibition schedule with a rich, elemental collection of diverse styles from three talented local artists: Lauri Sturdivant of Mt. Shasta, Candace Miller of Dunsmuir and Brenda Woods of Weed.


“Trimorphic” window display at Liberty Arts Gallery, featuring “Bottlecaps On A Hubcap” by Lauri Sturdivant.


Candace Miller’s whimsical collection of primate sculptures anchors the second window display.


Brenda Woods creates emotionally raw, powerful works of graphite on both metal and paper, incorporating the occasional found objects such as the gas pumps used in “Petrolia.”


Each of the three “Trimorphic” artists express their own distinctive perspectives on the human condition.


Lauri Sturdivant worked for over a year on this compelling and personal puzzle sculpture, “Picking Up the Pieces.”


Visitors have been intrigued and moved by Sturdivant’s junk art, which she hopes will get people to changes habits that contribute to litter.


The artists painted three walls with sumptuous accent colors, adding a lavish touch to the space.


Visitors have been quite taken by Brenda Woods’ encyclopedia series, in which she transformed her childhood collection into multiple mini canvases.


Lauri Sturdivant’s detailed, hand-crafted work is a study in patience as displayed here in, “Scraps.”


Candace Miller used over a hundred pounds of raw clay for “Ancestor,” and flew marigolds in from India to finish the piece off.


One of the showstoppers is Brenda Woods’ “1000 Beautiful Things,” which is impressive from afar but rewards viewers with a greater surprise when they take a closer look.


The work of these three artists is very different, yet melds into a beautifully cohesive exhibition.


Inspiration struck Candace Miller at the 11th-hour resulting in “Two Queens,” which rounded out the body of work she had been creating all year for this exhibit.


Brenda Woods frequently shines a light on the shadowy depths of human behavior prompting viewers to examine their own habits, lifestyles and choices.


Liberty Arts Gallery is proud to share “Trimorphic” with our community and kick off the 2013 schedule with a compelling, provocative exhibit that sets the bar high for the year to come.


“Trimorphic” runs through Friday, February 22, 2013, so be sure to catch it while you can.

Liberty Arts Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

Photos and text by Nikolas Allen, Liberty Arts Marketing Director

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  1. margaret reynolds says:

    Lauri, love your SCRAPS and PICKING UP THE PIECES. Also Candace’s Primate Sculptures and Brenda’s 1,000 Beautiful Things.

    Amazing how each of you show different creative sides yet it all works great in a show. Lot of creative talent on display.

    Thanks for the photos.