“Trimorphic” Opening Night
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Liberty Arts hosted a vibrant reception celebrating the opening of “Trimorphic,” featuring three distinctive artists exploring the human condition.

Three diverse artists packed the gallery with fresh and fascinating works of 2- and 3-dimensional art that intrigued and inspired the crowd.


The melding of Trimorphic artists (L to R), Candace Miller, Brenda Woods and Lauri Sturdivant produced a strong fusion of individual viewpoints that made for a surprisingly cohesive exhibition.


All three artists live in different towns and each drew many visitors from their own tribes of friends, fans and family throughout the county.


Stimulated by the provocative art, the loquacious crowd engaged in much conversation.


While some receptions are all about the social aspect, the fascinating collection of art in this show prompted deeper examination by the audience.


Rocket Man, Bill Durovchic, ponders junk pillars by Lauri Sturdivant.


Fellow sculptor, David Gochenour talks shop with Trimorphic artist Candace Miller


The interactional crowd conversed freely, sharing ideas and insights throughout the evening.


Viewed through the prism of Liberty Arts’ leaded-glass doors, Candace Miller (L) and Brenda Woods (R) engage their fans.


Visitors were delighted with this series by Brenda Woods, in which she turned a set of Funk & Wagner Encyclopedias from her childhood into many small canvases.


The audience really responded to Candace Miller’s whimsically enchanting sculptures based on the California Funk movement that originated in the ’60s.


After preparing for the better part of a year, Trimorphic artist Lauri Sturdivant beams on her big night.


These ladies share a laugh while perusing limited-edition prints by Brenda Woods.



Art, conversation and wine – three elements of a successful art opening, all of which were present and accounted for at this vivacious gathering.

6pm Artist Exposition

Candace Miller explains her sculpture, “Ancestor.”

An original poem by Brenda Woods hints at themes she explores in her work.

Lauri Sturdivant recites a poem that both describes her work and urges societal change.


The work in this exhibit captivates the audience with rich layers of texture, depth and meaning. These four visitors ponder “Substratum” by Brenda Woods.


The house was full, the art was powerful, the wine was flowing, and a wonderful experience was shared by all at the Trimorphic opening reception.


We extend a big ‘Thank You’ to all our Members, visitors and friends – old and new alike – for helping Liberty Arts usher in the 2013 exhibition schedule with a successful opening for this incredibly strong show.

This one deserves a deeper look, so we invite you to visit us again over the next five weeks.

Trimorphic runs through: Friday, February 22, 2013

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Top Featured Image: Brian Meek explores “Litter From Four States” by by artist Lauri Sturdivant, who looks on from the other side.

Images, text and videos by Nikolas Allen, Liberty Arts Marketing Director

3 Responses

  1. Cynthia Henderson says:

    I missed the opening, but was privileged to view the show on Thursday. It was a really incredible and powerful showing. I am jazzed and revitalized! Thank you Liberty Arts, thank you Brenda, Lauri and Candace.

  2. Celia Balderree says:

    Such a wonderful show! Thank you to Brenda, Candace and Lauri, the featured artists and also thank you to Liberty Arts for their continuosly amazing shows that bring so much culture to Yreka…and especially to Nikolas for his creative capabilies for sharing the energy of the shows! What an awesome team!

    • admin says:

      So glad you continue to enjoy the exhibits and openings at Liberty Arts Celia – we appreciate your support, and you kind words. Thank YOU!