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“Go Viral” Exhibition
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"GO VIRAL" Community Art Exhibit - Help It Spread!

The latest exhibit at Liberty Arts, “Go Viral” is an ongoing creation by the members of our community.

Liberty Arts Gallery provides the workspace and the art supplies and visitors come in to paint, draw and inkstamp their way right onto our walls.


The exhibit got started on opening night with a public painting party that got the viral matrix going.



Of course this exhibit has been a big hit with our weekly Explorations Art Education program, which brings students from local grade schools in for a hands-on art experience.


We provide masonite panels, paper or illustration board to draw/paint on, but exactly two rebels have opted for mini paper plates.


Liberty Arts Executive Director, Kim Presley, got her encaustic on with this bovine beauty, which she mounted to a beautifully-crafted 1.5-inch deep box frame. Show-off.


Liberty Arts member, Roger Davis, was a picture of concentration at the opening reception where he methodically created the above mixed-media abstract and another (not shown).


Three 6th-grade students collaborated on the “Mexico vs. USA vs. Germany” trifecta above, which leads us to believe they’ve been brushing up on their Social Studies.


While it’s definitely shaping up to be a kid-centric art show, adults are more than welcome to take part in the GO VIRAL experience.


GO VIRAL runs through January 12, 2013, and the public is invited to come in a make art during regular gallery hours. Or, they can come by and pick up a panel to paint at home, and return to hang it when it’s ready.

Liberty Arts Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

Photos and text by Nikolas Allen

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