“Go Viral” Opening Night
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Liberty Arts Gallery invites local community to create final exhibition of the year, “GO VIRAL!”

After holding the super-successful community art project, ANICCA – 500 Hours of Art, back in February, Liberty Arts wanted to revisit the concept for the final show of 2012, GO VIRAL! The gallery held a public painting party to celebrate its opening on Friday, December 7, providing all the art supplies you could desire and plenty of pre-cut masonite panels.


Some guests chatted, visited and observed, while others dove right in and started making art.


These young ladies exemplified pure focus as they worked diligently on their creations.


This artist brought her own supplies and set up shop on one of the several “art horses” that were available.


Some artists made their creations on the spot and others, like Mimi Isbell (left) grabbed a panel to-go so she could make her creation at home.


Brenda Woods got right down to business, sketching out a “roadkill” concept she’s been pondering for several months.


As I mentioned, we provided ALL the essential art ingredients.


New Liberty Arts Member, Mike Severin, brought his own soldering gun for embellishing his work of art. Later, he even used his wine to stain a large portion of his piece.


Once the works were complete, the artists were invited to hang them on the gallery walls. The only rule was that each new piece had to touch a previously-hung piece, allowing the art to spread across the walls in a viral-like matrix of panels.


It was great to see such a wide variety of subjects and styles brought to life throughout the evening.



Our opening coincided with a street fair taking place in the historic district of Yreka, so the crowd ebbed and flowed over the course of the night…


…meanwhile, outside there was a party raging in the street celebrating the annual “Night of Lights” tree-lighting ceremony.


Local school choirs sang carols for the crowd, and vendors lined the street selling food, drink, arts, crafts and more.



Once the street fair wound down, Liberty Arts was inundated with families toting teens, tweens and tiny tots who were eager to get creative.


Gallery Director, Kim Presley, made sure every youngster’s painting was hung with care. The kids looked on, beaming with pride, realizing that they helped create the latest exhibition at Liberty Arts!

GO VIRAL Runs Through January 12, 2013.

Over the course of the show, the public is welcome to come make art during regular
Gallery Hours: Wed – Sat, 10am – 5pm

OR, they can take a panel to work on at home and bring the finished art back to hang.

Please call Liberty Arts with any questions: 530-842-0222.

Top Featured Image: Katie O’Brien adds her work to the viral matrix

Photos and text by Nikolas Allen, Liberty Arts Marketing Director

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  1. Kari Schlenvogt ( Kari Topham ) says:

    Thank-you for the great experience I had that evening .. Michael Servrin an I had a blast of a time … Glad you all like my dragon painting of ( LOVE DRAGONS ) as well as the small painting I did .. Hope to visit you again sometime soon..


    Kari Schlenvogt

    Painter : Kari Topham

    • admin says:

      So glad you enjoyed it, we really appreciate your feedback for “Go Viral!”! We enjoy the Community participation in these types of shows, and it’s exciting to come into the gallery and see all the new work that appears daily. If the artists have a blast, it encourages us to offer the opportunity to the public again. Thank you!