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McFadden Event Announcement
McFadden Event Announcement
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Friday, Oct. 26 – Liberty Arts presents “McFadden–Legacy,” celebrating the life and art of the late Leon McFadden.

Leon McFadden was an artist, a scientist, an inventor, an ad man, a teacher and a peace activist. He was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on April 19, 1920 and he died on September 20, 2012 at Madrone Hospice in Yreka, California at age 92 from injuries suffered in a fall.

Leon has been a friend to many in our community over the past decades, and when Liberty Arts Gallery was getting started back in 2008, it was Leon who helped us to achieve non-profit status.

As his health was failing, several volunteers offered to help clean up his property and get his household in order. It was then we discovered his massive art collection, crated and collecting dust in a semi trailer. Immediately, we planned a solo exhibit to celebrate the amazing work Leon produced in the 70’s and 80’s.

A prolific painter, Leon’s style can be identified as Divisionist in the tradition of Seurat, but he also used ink dots and squiggles as well as daubs of color to create abstracts, landscapes and realistic portraits. He even used rubber stamps as a medium for some of his most provocative pieces.

We were hoping that Leon would still be with us to celebrate the opening of the exhibition as we applaud his creative achievements, so we were quite saddened by the news of his death on September 20. However, he will surely be with us in spirit as we share his fine art with our community and celebrate his life, his art and his legacy with a Memorial Reception at Liberty Arts Gallery.

Formal attire requested. Black tie optional.

Opening Reception & Memorial for Leon McFadden

Friday, October 26, 2012
5pm – 8pm

6pm Memorial
Stories, memories and anecdotes by those who knew and loved him

Liberty Arts Gallery
108 W. Miner St.
Yreka, CA 96097

Formal attire requested.
Black tie optional.
Bring walking shoes, too – ceremonial bonfire follows reception.

To view more of Leon’s artworks, visit:

Self-portrait and art copyright ©Leon McFadden. All Rights Reserved.
Photos of art by Nikolas Allen

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  1. Richard Kees says:

    Hi, I am glad Liberty Arts is doing this show of Leon McFadden’s work. He was a unique man and he was my favorite uncle, particularly after he took me on a couple of his seemingly meandering, and surprisingly educational, journeys across America. When I was young he encouraged me to follow a career as a painter and back in the mid-70’s, when he lived in Steuben, Wisconsin, he used to let me watch him paint and in this way, through the years, gave me a better art education than any Art School. His letters and the miscellaneous bits of his book on Moore that he sent to me always revealed a keen, yet entertaining, intellect, and his paintings were, and are, a constant inspiration. We were all lucky to have him in our lives.
    I hope you will post all the pictures included in this expedition.