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“Mulligatawny” Annual Members’ Exhibition
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Liberty Arts presents “Mulligatawny,” a hearty helping of creative comfort food from 55 local artists.

The full gallery looks gorgeous with a diverse collection of photography, drawings, paintings and sculpture. Artists featured in the image at top include: Stephanie LaFortune, Eloise Larson, Jennifer Pentrack, Jack Wilson, Flannery Clouse, Joy Price, Mary Carpelan, Cora Brownell, Audrey Gustafson and William Wareham

Please keep in mind that the purpose of this blog post is to give a general overview of the show, not to showcase each individual piece or artist. The best way to experience all the artists’ work in this fine exhibition is to visit Liberty Arts Gallery in person and peruse the beautiful bounty put forth by our creative community.

“Family Portrait” sculpture by Don East

Artists featured in this shot include: Melanie Harrington, David Shuteroff, Brenda Woods, Kathy Pitts, Myr Skipper, Suzanne Mamadalin, Nikolas Allen, Celia Balderee, Cindy Marie Mattos and Ron Richards

“Jane Austen” bust by Sharon Swindle

Mulligatawny Members’ Exhibit at Liberty Arts Gallery

Artists whose work is shown in the image above include: Cindy Brown, HG Lopez, Marieken Cochius, David Thompson, Bob McCrillis, Brian Meek, Leon McFadden, Betsey Shuteroff, Robbie Mossgraber and Debbie Martin

Artist shown here that is not listed in the previous image is Pam Hanson

The “Saints of the Siskiyous” photo booth by Rajiv Hotek and Don Hall was a big hit at the opening reception. Here is where the participants posted their saintly images. The prayer altar will be available to use for portraits throughout the run of the exhibit. When the show ends, Liberty Arts plans to produce a book of the photos as a keepsake from this exhibit.

Work shown here by artists not mentioned previously include: Elisa Gutierrez, Christine O’Brien, Marlis Jermutus, Lewis Meyers, Jr. and Kathleen Kennedy

Artists whose work is shown in the image above include: Jane Hall, Christos Spontylides, Carol Jenkins, Mike Severin and Bee Soulé

“Star at the Big Top” sculpture by David Gochenour

Additional artists exhibiting include: Teresa San Filippo, Scott Durbin, Michael Newland, Jill Gardner, Don Janssen, Cindy Lawhon, Al Groncki and Roger Carol

Mulligatawny runs through: Saturday, September 8, 2012

Liberty Arts Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Exhibition photos by Nikolas Allen.

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