“Living Show” Explorations
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Before school let out for the long-awaited summer vacation, local grade-school classes visited Liberty Arts for their weekly dose of art Explorations.

As part of our art education program, Liberty Arts hosts two classes per week throughout the school year, where we give students guided tours of each exhibition, let them explore the gallery on their own, then work together creating a hands-on art project they can take home with them.

The final exhibit during the school year was “The Living Show,” which featured art that contained living organisms, including a small house covered in sod (see top featured image), and lots of plants, greenery, trees and cacti.

These students got in a game of Plant Checkers, on this checkerboard made of plants, seeds and beans.

The most popular piece in the show was the “Mobius Strip” by Daniel Salisbury of Oregon. His steel chicken-wire mobius strip was full of Chinese wingnut bark containing lots of seeds, which sprouted over the course of the 6-week exhibition. We chose to build the student art project around that.

Some students took the assignment very seriously, like this young lady who is hard at work…

…creating this fine piece.

While all of the student mobius strips were enjoyable and showed great effort, this piece showed remarkable ingenuity with its taped-on plant parts closely emulating the very piece from which it was inspired. Nice work!

With finished art projects in hand, it came time for the students to head back to the classroom and await the final bell that would released them out into the world to enjoy all the succulent spoils of summertime!

Liberty Arts looks forward to seeing you next year, kids!

Explorations is made possible through the generous funding of Shasta Regional Community Foundation/Arts in the Community fund and Pacific Power Foundation.

Photos by Bee Soulé, Education Director

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