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“Figure-Ground” Exhibition
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Liberty Arts presents “Figure-Ground” featuring the distinctive stylings of creative quartet Bridenbaugh, Ortbal, Ryan and Sloan.

“Figure-Ground” is an exhibition of drawings, paintings and sculptures by Paul Bridenbaugh, Robert Ortbal, Michael J. Ryan and John E. Sloan, that explore the relationship between a figure and the space that contains it.

While some of the art is presented in a conventional way, the artists made a concerted effort to defy convention in order to avoid what they referred to as the “conveyor belt syndrome,” where all the work runs evenly across a horizontal eyeline.

“3M” by Michael J. Ryan

Detail: “Just a Form of Appreciation” by John E. Sloan

Work from “Figure-Ground” exhibit at Liberty Arts Gallery

“Health and Efficiency” by Michael J. Ryan

“Wings” by John E. Sloan (top) and “OOF” by Paul Bridenbaugh (bottom)

In addition to his sculpture work, Michael J. Ryan also has oil paintings in the exhibit, which one visitor remarked are “very 21st-century still lifes.”

Very content to provoke the age-old, “What is art?” conversation, Robert Ortbal found an alternate use for two broken light fixtures

“An Explanation That Was a Puzzle” by John E. Sloan

“Figure-Ground” exhibit at Liberty Arts Gallery

“No Display XII” by Michael J. Ryan

“To Begin” by Robert Ortbal

“Figure-Ground” exhibit at Liberty Arts Gallery

This untitled, outdoor, site-specific installation was the first order of business for Robert Ortbal when he arrived at the gallery. Thus far, it has managed to withstand the elements – and the hobos – prevailing on the plaza.

“Figure-Ground” runs through: July 28, 2012

Liberty Arts Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Top Featured Image: Detail of “Lost and Found” by Robert Ortbal
All gallery photos by Nikolas Allen
Outdoor Installation photo by Bee Soulé

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