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“Personal Mythology” Exhibition
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Liberty Arts presents “Personal Mythology” group exhibition curated by Melanie Harrington and Melinda Whipplesmith Plank.

‘Picking Up The Pieces’ sculpture by Lauri Sturdivant has been an arresting window display, stopping a large percentage of passing pedestrians.

‘Storyteller’ mixed media piece by Mimi Isbell

‘Josephina’s Army of Small Fears’ sculpture by Melanie Harrington

Work by Aleksander Balos and Ron Richards

“Memory Block” by Lewis Meyers, Jr. makes a strong centerpiece of the show

Detail: ‘Journey of the Senses’ painting by Aleksander Balos

‘Shadows’ by painter Christos Spontylides and ‘Mountain Mama’ sculpture by Candace Miller

‘Mountain Mama’ sculpture by Candace Miller

Detail: ‘Shadows’ painting by Christos Spontylides

‘Personal Mythology’ at Liberty Arts

Detail: ‘Morph 3.0’ painting by Linda Vivas

‘Personal Mythology’ at Liberty Arts Gallery

‘In God We Trust’ by Pam Hanson

‘Admit One’ assemblage by Connie Meek

Paintings by Jack Reyes (foreground) and Finley Fryer (background)

Detail: ‘Stranger Within’ painting by Brian Meek

Window Display: Art Trading Cards designed by visitors during the opening reception.

Personal Mythology runs through June 23, 2012.
Liberty Arts Gallery is located at 108 W. Miner Street in Yreka, CA.
Gallery Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm.
Contact: (530) 842-0222

Photos by Nikolas Allen, Liberty Arts Marketing Director

4 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    wow another amazing Liberty show, have to get up there to check it out!

    • admin says:

      We’d love to see you Mark, it’s been awhile! This exhibit runs until Saturday, June 23rd, so you’ve got just a little more time.

  2. Connie says:

    I love the very personal!