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“Personal Mythology” Opening Night
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Artists share their ‘Personal Mythology’ during opening reception at Liberty Arts Gallery.

Guests enjoyed beautiful spring weather for the Personal Mythology opening reception at Liberty Arts Gallery in Yreka, CA.

This was a big night for art in Yreka, as it marked the first Yreka Art Walk of 2012, where many local venues and businesses stay open late exhibiting art and serving refreshments to the community. The Art Walks coincide with Liberty Arts’ openings and run from May through October.

Visitors to Liberty Arts were greeted by the acoustic, alt-country blues of Johnny Callahan (middle), who shared vocals and instrumental duties with co-hort, Tristan Behm (left). The Personal Mythology exhibit and opening were coordinated by curators, Melanie Harrington (above right) and Melinda Whipplesmith Plank (not shown).

The crowd consisted of several old friends and plenty of new faces who conversed, browsed and mingled prior to the Artist Discussion scheduled at 6pm.

Visitors were invited to create their own Art Trading Cards and participate in a “Sharing of the Myths” ceremony, where they place their finished card on the window display altar.

Guests also had the option to write their own address on an envelope and donate money for postage. Then, once the show is over, the curators will send them a random Art Trading Card through the mail.

The Artist Discussion portion of the evening commenced at 6pm, which included many of the artists in attendance, including Connie Meeks (above right), talking about the inspiration, ideas, concepts and techniques utilized in their works.

Sculptor Lewis Meyers, Jr. contemplates his piece, “Memory Block,” after giving an emotional presentation about the personal origins of the sculpture’s inspiration.

The always effervescent Joy Clarissa Taylor was thrilled to have her piece, “Waves of Intution” included in the show.

Ron Richards gave a impassioned, yet humorous, presentation about his war-themed pieces and joked about getting “thrown out of the gallery” for his fervent point-of-view on the subject.

Artist, Lauri Sturdivant, discussed her work-in-progress, “Picking Up The Pieces,” a striking jigsaw puzzle sculpture that she began after leaving a long-time job that had grown to define her.

The always entertaining Linda Vivas expatiated during the apex of the evening, sharing conceptual and technical details about her painting, “Morph 3.0 – The Rebirth of Wonder.”

Vivas also regaled the by-now-restless crowd (including notorious heckler and loveable curmudgeon, William Wareham) with an epic, bizarro, sci-fi tale that she introduced as a “short” story, despite its length, which surely placed it in the “not short” category.

View Video of the Artist Discussion

Personal Mythology runs through June 23, 2012.
Liberty Arts Gallery is located at 108 W. Miner Street in Yreka, CA.
Gallery Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

(Top Featured Image: Visitor, Brenda Woods, takes in “New Millenium, Eh?” by Ron Richards)
Photos and Text by Nikolas Allen, Liberty Arts Marketing Director

4 Responses

  1. K Presley says:

    You absolutely captured the experience of Personal Mythology. Each artist shared themselves through their art and their speech, opening up their life philosophies and experiences to us all. Thank you for the great photography and comments from the exhibition.

    • admin says:

      Kim – you are welcome! It was indeed great to hear more about the artists’ beliefs and glean deeper insight into their work. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. Brenda Woods says:

    It was a great turn out and beautiful show. I love all the large works this time around. And yes, the occasional WW comment spices up the evening:}

    • admin says:

      So glad you enjoyed the reception and exhibit, Brenda! Yes, lots of powerful – and large – pieces in this show. Thanks for your comment.